in Canada


The Doukhobors (Russian Christians) were a sect of Russian dissenters who were known as being “spirit warriors of christ. The Doukhobors were very peaceful people. They never fought or killed other human beings or animals. Before they moved to Canada majority of the doukhobors were peasant farmers and they needed a better home. When they came to canada they were amused with their new life.

Doukhobors new life in Canada

When the Doukhobors moved to the Port of Halifax Canada in 1899, it was a peaceful place like how it has always been. In 1905 some Doukhobors came to settled in what was to become Saskatchewan but between 1908 and 1911 a large number of settlers left Saskatchewan to move to the west Kootenay region of British Columbia. They were pretty much on the move every year or two until they started to set up villages in Pinche Creek of southern Alberta.

How Canada made a change to the Doukhobors life

Moving to Canada made a big change in their life. They got to create choirs, Russian language programs , peace groups and other cool groups. When they got to Canada the government gave them free land and and they were able to grow large fruit and vegetable gardens. Now because of their religious beliefs , they didn’t have to serve in the war. Also by the 1950s Doukhobors were able to get jobs like teachers , nurses and retail merchants. They also had total freedom in any activity they got to do.

Doukhobors religion and beliefs

The Doukhobors were a Russian Christian community and some of their beliefs were that they were that it was wrong to kill humans and animals, that’s why the canadian government made a deal so the Doukhobors wouldn’t have to fight in war. Some of their beliefs were recorded in songs called and hymns.On Sunday mornings the Doukhobors gathered together to do a “Molenye”. Molenye was what they called their worship or prayers, they also sang folksongs when they had a community meetup after their Molenye and they would make tons of vegetarian food. One of their popular food was a homemade loaf of bread called . The Doukhobors were vegetarians because they thought if it was wrong to kill humans it was wrong to kill animals. They also did not smoke tobacco or drink alcohol.

cultural traditions that the Doukhobors brought to canada

The Doukhobors got to established a communal lifestyle referred to their “ Golden age”. The Golden age means “do unto others.” That means to treat others with the concern and kindness you would like them to show towards you. In Russia they used to make their own bread and they still do make in here in Canada. when they came to Canada , they identified themselves by specific styles of worship and musical performance. They also got to establish the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB).