First Grade News

What's up in First Grade?

Happy Holy Week and (Almost) Spring Break!

Hello! it is hard to believe that is not only almost spring, that Easter is almost here! We have been working to learn more about Jesus' life as we prepare to learn about his death and resurrection. As we enter into this Holy Week we are focusing both on how Jesus' love and sacrifice as well as the new life that comes from Easter.

Read-a-thon: We are excited that our read-a-thon is hopefully in full swing! Students can be sponsored by the number of pages they read, number of books, or minutes read. We are going to have some great prizes! On April 6th will celebrate this by having an all-day read in in our pajamas!


Registration has opened up to the public! Spots are filling up which is great news, but if you have not yet secured your spot for next year and want to you should go to the main office to set up a meeting. Your account must be in good standing to be able to register. If you have any questions about what our class will look like next year or our plans to help all students be successful, please let us know and we are happy to talk you through the tentative plan for next year. Please contact Bernice at or us at anytime.

We will be sending report cards home in the yellow folders or envelops tomorrow. You do not need to return the report cards, please keep them for your own records. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Our plans for our zoo field trip are in full swing! Please let me know if you are interested in coming and I will find out next week if we will be driving or taking the bus and some more information about those who have offered to their zoo memberships. I will send out this and more information after spring break!

Spirit Gear- Spirit gear attire is clean non ripped jeans and now that seahawks season is over, Holy Rosary Spirit gear. Spirit gear will be on Friday and we look forward to seeing Holy Rosary spirit shirts and sweatshirts!

We had a lot of fun with our easter party today. Thanks for all the donations and help!

On Thursday March 24th we are going to do a re-enactment of the Last Supper. We will need some donations of bread and grape juice and would appreciate some volunteer help if you are interested. We will not be having Mass on Thursday due to Holy Thursday services later in the day. Please come and join us as we re-enact this special holy week occasion!

On Friday which will be a half day before spring break, we are going to be going to Living Stations preformed by the 7th and 8th graders. They will be at 10:30 and you are welcomed to join us.

Curriculum Corner

Math- We are now working on adding bigger numbers- up to 20. We are also building numbers with ten's, and one's and recognizing the difference between ten's and one's. We are continuing to work on word problems and greater fluency with adding below 10. We have also introduced money and are working on mainly counting with dimes (10 cents) nickels (5 cents) and pennies (1 cent).

We are also starting to do math groups that allows for all students to have some time working with math material that they are at which should allow for all of our students to be more successful!

Reading- In english we are introducing silent e and long vowel sounds with words such as cane, vine, mule and hope. We have also just introduce AI(says long a) and EA (says long E). Practicing recognizing these words in your child's reading will help a lot. We also continue to practice sight words and syllables in both spanish and english. We are also introducing the concept of verbs, adjectives and nouns in both spanish and English.

In spanish we are starting to learn the differences between ce, ci, que, qui, ge, gi, gue, gui. Always sounding out the sounds E and I. We are also introducing blends in Spanish. Our blends consist of initial two-consonant letters. For example, bra- brazo (arm).

Fri- frijol (bean) Cre- crema (cream). Children will be learning how to blend these two consonant syllables without sounding them out anymore. Every time you read, you can look for these words and have them say the complete blend, it will make a big difference. Click on the link to have a better understanding and get an idea of how to pronounce these syllables!

Grammar- We are also just introducing plurals in both Spanish and English.

The rule for making a word plural or showing more than one in English is that if the word ends in an x, s, ss, sh or ch then the ending is es. Lunch becomes lunches. Any other ending ends in just s. Bat becomes bats.

In spanish the rule is that if the word ends in a vowel than just an s is added- casa becomes casas. If it ends in a consonant then it will end in es- papel becomes papeles. If it ends in a z then it changes to a ces- pez becomes peces.

Religion- We are learning about Lent and the starting the journey towards Easter as well as the significance of Ash Wednesday. Throughout Lent we are going to look at the life of Jesus culminating in his death and resurrection on the cross.

Writing- We are making great progress on sounding out our own words. Having students structure sentences on their own in their own wording is also great practice. The students are going over in both classes to self check their work for capitols, punctuation, and spaces and you can encourage them to do this in their own writing at home.