Welcome to Delaware

Emma Ehmke


Delaware was founded in 1638 by Peter Minuit and the New Sweden Company. The New Sweden Company funded the trip over to the new world. The colony was named after the Delaware River, and the river got its name from Sir Thomas West. The reason they settled here was because of the agricultural and trade opportunities. The rich fertile and the forest are great for agriculture.


Delaware had a diverse economy because of the different industries it has. Delaware has fertile soil which was great for agriculture. Rice, indigo, and grain are grown and harvested by the colonist. Delaware is also covered in forest which makes the lumber industry a thriving one. Other industries includes shipbuilding, livestock, and iron working.


Delaware's government was a Constitutional Monarchy while being shared with Pennsylvania's government which was a democratic rule at the time. It took several years and petitions until Delaware got its own legislature.

Societal Set Up

Delaware was once an all white colony until 1639 when the first slave, Black Anthony, was brought over to help with agriculture. Although Delaware has slaves they are only 2% of the population. The lowest on the food chain are the slaves, then the indentured servants. The working class is next, the people who farmed or did a trade to support the family. Then there is the large farm owners who own the slaves.
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Fun Facts!!!!!

  • Finnish settlers came over in the mid-1600's and brought over the plans for the first log cabins
  • Fort Christina is our first colony
  • Delaware is home to the Nanticoke Indian Tribe


The dominant religion is protestant. Delaware has religious freedom meaning there are many different religions practiced here!