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August 26, 2019

Keeping you Informed

Welcome Back! It has been great seeing everyone and catching up. I hope you are as excited about our Week of Welcome as I am (I am also very nervous). This is a great time to catch up with students that you had last year and make new connections with your new students.

Week of Welcome Check List

Sign Up for the Pancake Breakfast Here- We need cooks, servers, and teachers to help monitor the tables and fields. 6th Grade teachers also help guide our newest Bobcats to the WEB area for fun and games!

Reminders for all students for the pancake breakfast (I sent this home also)

  • There will be no charge to your account, but you will need to go through the kitchen to enter your pin number. Your Pin is the number on your ID card or class locator. (6th grade normally need extra reminders)
  • Your breakfast includes the following: One fruit, one juice, one milk, and the choice of a pan dulce or pancakes. If you do not want pancakes, you may choose the pan dulce from the serving line. When coming through at least pick up a fruit or juice for it to count as a meal. They have to take the food if they go through the line (State Guidelines)
  • You will get your plate from the kitchen serving line and then go out to pick up your pancakes. There will be no items sold separately for breakfast on this day only.
  • Students do not have to eat if they chose.

Wednesday Yoga- Remind students to wear comfortable clothing and this is the release time for teachers. We don't have yoga mats so if you want to participate you might bring your own or a towel.

Please look over the activities and check to make sure you and your technology share partner have it worked out with Chromebooks. I loved the idea to switch the kids and not the technology so you may consider this with your share partner. You will need to have your smartboard/projector working. Please check them on Monday morning so we can get tech help out right away.

Wednesday PLC- Tyler Durman will be doing a presentation for us. Room TBA @ 2:45pm

Today Monday 8/26- Mandated Reporter Training in room 23 @ 10am

Don't Be Afraid to Fail Big, To Dream Big - Denzel Washington | Goalcast

Calendar for Aug

Aug 27- First Day of School

Aug 28- Tyler Durman Parent Night at 6:30 pm at the Tommy Lasorda Field House

Aug 30- No School

Sept 2- No School

Have a Great Week!

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