Greatest Technology

Abigail Shemwell

10) The Airplane

  • The inventors of the first airplane were Orville and Wilbur Wright.
  • This invention provided a different view of the world, and quicker transportation.

9) Alphabetization

  • Created in the 14 century AD.
  • Keeps things organized (helpful for neat freaks and perfectionist like me).
  • Makes pieces of research, etc, easier to find.

8) The Compass

  • Was invented in 206 BC.
  • It was originally used in Song Dynasty China by the military for navigational orienteering.
  • It provides a source of direction.

7) The Radio

  • No one really knows who exactly invented the radio.
  • Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo were said to be going head-to-head to invent the radio first.
  • If you ask someone who invented it you will mostly likely get two different answers.
  • Radios spread Ideas and Messages

6) The Steam Ingine

  • Was invented in, 1698, by Thomas Savery.
  • Powered, factories, trains, and ships.

5) The Refergeritor

  • In 1748 William Cullen invented the first artificial Refrigerator.
  • Because the 'fridge' is able to keep things cold it changes the way we live and cook.

4)) Medicine

  • Was used by the Egyptians in 3000 B. C.
  • Medicine was used to preform surgeries cure diseases, and etc.

4) Optical Lenses

  • Optical Lenses were first invented in the 13th century, and are used all over the world today.
  • Optical Lenses dramatically raised the human IQ.
  • This invention led to the invention of the microscope and telescope.

3) Printing Press

  • During the 1940's the printing press was created.
  • Before the printing press monks would have to copy hundreds of books by hand.
  • The invention of the printing press saved hours of time.

2) The Automobile

  • Come late 19th century is the first Automobile.
  • The Automobile increases the speed and accuracy of transportation.

1) Eletricity

  • Just like the automobile electricity was created in thew late 19th century, by Thomas Edison.
  • Electricity creates light, energy, power, etc.