Garrett sanders

Where is Tasmania and what is it like?

Tasmania is an island state of Australia. 49% of it is natinol park the rester is mainly used for sheep hearding. Wool is the primmary exporting good that they sell. Lumber is the other major exporting good.


Most of the island is rain forest the other is fllatened hearding land. They resive alot of rain. There are some tall mountians on the island like legges tor witch is 5164 ft.

Enviermental problems

Dedoristation is a lare isue for the island of tasmania. Also because of globel warming and riseing sea levals they are loseing shore line.

The people

The people are just like amaricans they all speak english and most are christian.


Duck bill platupuss


Tasmanian devil




Australia and tasmania are both old prisone islands untill the discovery of gold. Port Aurther is a popular old prisone on the island. The tasmanian tiger once lived on the island but it went exstinct.