Farmer Jim Ferguson

by: Matthew, Jake, Preslie, and Karen


In 1915, James Ferguson was elected governor of the state of Texas. He had no political experience. His goal was to help poor tenant farmers. What gave him the nickname "Farmer Jim" was because he was once a farmer, and because he wanted to help the poor farmers.

Jim Ferguson

He passed laws limiting the amount of rent landowners could charge tenant farmers. He then created the State Department of Forestry. He improved rural schools, and to increase funding for Texas colleges. He also expanded labor laws and education reforms. But then, he began making some enemies. Ferguson got angry at the University of Texas Board of Agents, because they hired a university president without making sure it was fine with him first.In July, of 1917, the Texas legislature met in a session to impeach, (or to kick out) the governor. Lawmakers approved 10 charges against Ferguson. Seven of them included mishandling state funds. One day before the ruling, he left from the office to avoid impeachment. But, the next day, he was impeached anyway. He was banned from the office and was told to never return.