School life has become too easy.

There has been too many changes in the past years, leading me to think that it is mandatory for us to change the school system back to the positive and strict teaching from the past!

If a student misbehaves for reasons like these,

  • No clean hands upon arrival of school or whenever.
  • Boy does not wear their uniform with a tie.
  • Girl does not wear their school dress (with stockings in Winter).
  • Only older students are allowed to use ink pens, younger students need to use pencils.
  • Only one free bottle of milk per child during recess break.
  • It is mandatory for everybody to use a Globite suitcase - This allowed un damaged books.

they should be punished for it! Beware, I do not mean getting detention for half an hour after school, I mean proper punishments!!

  • Any student at the ages 4-18 will be hit by a ruler or a cane on their hands.
  • Boys: Will be sent into a girls class.
  • A entry will be written in the 'discipline book' to note how many hits and why it was made - This will teach a student to not repeat the same stupid mistake.


I am a conservative because I have common sense, moral standards and I know I am responsible for my own actions. This means that the ways of teaching today are nonsense and need to be transformed back to how they were when I was still a student. Nowadays it is illegal for a student to be hit, I want this to be changed.


Equipment is a lot more expensive nowadays, with unnecessary laptops for every student, more and more textbooks piled up in individual's lockers or the pointless smart boards for the teachers to uncreatively doodle around. Students pay less but learn more. Open books is what I say, children learn straight out of the book, which is provided by the government. This means each family still pays for their own books, yet automatically done so with taxes. The wealthier the family, the more they should pay to taxes, so everything makes sense.


EVERYONE BENEFITS. Teachers get higher authority, less bullying occurs as everybody would be wearing a fitted uniforms - meaning students would be taught more equality. Boys and girls are kept in separate class rooms teaching them early on what it is like to be an individual and not distracting themselves in class as is done nowadays by giggling with the other sex.