Reduce TriMet Fares!

A project to work on lowering the price of Trimet Fares

Our Mission

Currently, some of the prices for a youth to travel on a TriMet vehicle are as follows:

  • $1.50 for a single ticket
  • $14 for a 14-day pass
  • $27 for a month-long pass
Alternatively, some of the prices for an adult to travel on a TriMet vehicle are:

  • $2.40 for a single ticket
  • $46.50 for a 14-day pass
  • $92 for a month-long pass
  • $1100 for a year-long pass

As many people who ride TriMet know, this adds up. The mission of "Reduce TriMet Fares" is all in its name. By lowering the different prices, we feel that all TriMet riders could save a lot of money in the long run. For example, imagine if the price of a single ticket for a youth rider were to be lowered by just $0.50 so that it cost them only $1.00 to ride. If they were to ride the bus 5 times in a week, instead of costing them $7.50, it would only cost them $5.00. While $2.50 may seem like an insignificant amount of money, put that into a year's worth of time. That's $130 that they could save, all by TriMet lowering the price by only $0.50.

Also, consider what lowering the price of a ticket could do for the environment! If the ticket prices were lower, more people would be encouraged to stop driving individually and start using more public transportation. With a decreased amount of people driving on their own, pollution could be decreased significantly. Reducing the TriMet fare could not only help the Portland community save a lot of money, but also be very beneficial for the environment, so help us spread the word and get involved! Let's make fares fair!

The Current TriMet Fares

Get Involved!

To get involved and sign the petition to reduce TriMet fares, visit

We also have a weekly meeting where we brainstorm ideas and pass out any resources such as flyers, posters, or petitions.