Childhood Obesity

By: Mekayla Spearman

What is Childhood Obesity?

Childhood Obesity is an epidemic that children from ages 2-19 develop that involves them being obese. Causes of childhood obesity range from sedentary lifestyle, no physical activity, increased portion sizes, ethnic background, unhealthy eating habits. Childhood Obesity can lead to other diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma and Heart Failure.

How can Childhood Obesity be prevented?

Childhood Obesity can be prevented by a healthier diet and physical activity with the supervision of a doctor too. Loosing weight to become an average weight will take time but parents and caregivers of children have to promote change.

How can Childhood Obesity be treated?

There are drugs and supplements that can be used to prevent Childhood Obesity like the weight maintenance program that slows the process of weight gain by adding inches to height, but not pounds (ages 2+). Other treatments include diets that allow children to loose 2 pounds week. The best plan is eating healthy and physical activity.

How can Childhood Obesity be managed?

Childhood Obesity can be managed with a healthy diet and avoiding sedentary lifestyle. Most children effected will start gradually but with continuing a steady plan the weight can be lost. Recording meals and calories in a food log could help manage nutrients and determine what type of physical activity to do. Keeping track of weight loss by each month for motivation can help also.