Letter To the Editor

Last night a little after midnight, the prominent speakeasy, “El Fey Club,” was broken into by police and shut down on the grounds of illegal manufacturing and selling of alcohol. The vastly popular nightclub owned and organized by Mary Louise Guinan, (known more commonly as “Texas Guinan,”) and the Night Mayor of New York, Jimmy Walker, was bombarded by black uniforms and guns at 1:35 in the morning, Saturday. The club was ransacked and cleared out in a matter of minutes, and nearly ninety-seven ounces of alcohol was confiscated from the Club. Police suspect that there was more alcohol hidden in the Club. Texas and Walker were arrested, making this the forty-fifth time Walker has been arrested on the grounds of selling alcohol. - A Concerned Citizen

Letter from the Editor

War Declared on Chicago Mobster - AL Capone!

It seems like more and more people have it out for big shot Chicago gangster Al Capone. Investigator Elliot Ness says he will stop at nothing to take down the infamous mobster. Some say Capone is responsible for the death of Ness's friend, others say that its fake. The Mafia has grown to be prolific around the country, bootlegging alcohol and making millions.