Weekly Newsletter

March 25, 2021

From Principal Emma Liebowitz

Wow! What a wonderful week of spring weather! There is positive energy with the change of seasons, the return to full in-person learning and the optimism of vaccines. As we prepare for the majority of students returning on April 5th, I know that families have a lot of questions. I will be sharing a questions and answers document with you very soon.

Health Office News from Nurse Loranna

Happy spring!! With spring comes warmer weather, crocuses and daffodils, baby animals on the farm and a feeling of hope and positivity. We have been enjoying the milder weather and getting outside as often as we can. With spring also comes mud season- please have your child wear boots to school, a pair of sneakers can be sent in their bag to change into at school and have your child dress for the weather. Another sure sign of spring are allergy symptoms- this year with covid-19 on our minds it can be very worrisome when feeling effects of allergies. One sure way to tell what is causing your symptoms is getting a covid test- please let me know if you need any referrals on where to get tested. If you have body aches, intense fatigue, a severe headache or a fever it is wise to get tested-those are signs of a viral illness (such as covid-19) whereas itchy eyes, nose or throat are often a sign of allergies. Taking an allergy medication can be another good way to determine what is causing your runny nose- if it is allergies or an illness such as covid-19. Feel free to reach out with any questions and check out this article for more information on determining if you are feeling the effects of allergies or an illness such as covid-19. https://www.emersonhospital.org/articles/allergies-or-covid-19.

Preschool News from Ms. Melanie

What a difference a week makes when it comes to our weather! Just a short time ago, we were trudging through snow to get to our outdoor classroom--the soccer field was a blanket of white. This week, most of the snow has melted, remaining only in the deepest parts of the woods, and the solid ice under the bridge has turned into liquid once again. On one recent warm spring day, we sat in our outdoor classroom and talked about signs of spring that we noticed. A flock of Canada geese flew overhead and we welcomed them back calling, "Happy spring!". We drew pictures in our Nature Journals of other signs of spring we saw--green grass, mud, blue sky, and we even saw the the first green of the daffodils starting to poke up through the ground. It feels good to shed our winter coats and welcome the warm sun back again.

Kindergarten News from Ms. Sarah

In writer's workshop, we have been studying procedural nonfiction--also known as "How to" books! We have read some examples of this kind of book and discussed how it is different from fiction. For example, the pictures are very clear and show close-ups, with not much for setting details in the background. The words are also very clear and direct. Students have chosen something they know how to do and are currently writing booklets to teach others. Topics include how to feed a cat, how to ski, how to order at Friendly's, and how to make your bed.

First Grade News from Mrs. Pedersen

This week first grade watched a webcam set up to observe a parent eagle and her young.

We enjoyed Jane Yolen's book, American Bald Eagle".

We gave Mrs. Prew a warm good by. She is temporarily leaving us. We have gained so much from her remote and in person learning opportunities. She provided wonderful innovative lessons.

Third grade News from Mrs. Wyckoff

During our afternoons, hybrid third grader’s have enjoyed this beautiful spring weather this week! Afternoon meetings, spelling practice and independent reading all happen right outside our classroom under the warm sunshine! We look forward to welcoming back so many more third graders to join us very soon!

During the remote part of our day, third graders are focusing on procedural writing. To begin, we first watched a video about how to shoot a basketball then did some procedural writing to teach someone else the steps needed to shoot a basketball. Transition words are used when writing the steps needed to complete an activity. Third graders used a checklist to be sure they used transition words such as: first, next, after that, then, and finally. If you want to know the perfect way to shoot a basketball, just ask your third grader and they will be sure to give you clear steps on how to make this happen!

Fourth Grade News from Mrs. Lagoy

What an exciting project we are starting in fourth grade to kick off our Area and Perimeter Unit. On Wednesday, I introduced the Doggie Dilemma. In this project, students must:

  • choose a dog breed that would be appropriate for their family
  • gather some quick facts about the breed (life expectancy, weight, height, jumping range, and facts about their lifestyle)
  • design a pen in their 30' X 35' backyard for the poochie (based on what they learned about the breed)...AREA
  • figure out what type of fencing they will need for the pen (based on the dog's ability to jump) and the total cost...PERIMETER
  • write a persuasive letter to their parents, including all of the information from their project

Students tackled this with GREAT enthusiasm (and sharing of cute doggie photographs). This is going to be a great unit.

Reading Room News from Mrs. Morey

And the winner is......The Day the Crayons Quit! This book, written by Drew Daywalt was the chosen favorite in the Sanderson Academy Tournament of Books. It is a clever story from the crayon's perspective about their thoughts on the amount of use they get from their owner. If you haven't had a chance to check it out you can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/XKmJ2NRhcgo
Big picture

Art with Ms. Carolyn

I am so looking forward to our Return to Learn in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to meet the students in person. Art will be in each classroom when we come back to school. Students will work at their desks, or if the weather is nice we will get outside as much as we can. For art class, students will continue to use their own set of art supplies that they keep in their classrooms. I wanted to ask parents to send the art sketchbooks, packets, and any art supplies that were sent home, back to school with your student on April 5th. I have distributed most of my supplies to students at home and we will need as many colored pencils, crayons, markers, and any special art tools that I sent home to come back for your student to use in art class. I understand some supplies are lost or used up, that is expected and not a problem. Please have your student try to find what ever they can from what was sent home, especially the sketchbooks as I have a limited number of replacements. Thanks!