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Should We Drill For Oil In The Deepest Part Of The Ocean?

Why Should We Not Drill For Oil in the Deepest Part Of the Ocean?

Should we keep drilling for oil in the deepest part of the Ocean? There has been a debate about should we drill oil in the ocean or not.

Some people think that drilling for oil in the ocean would kill animals. A lot of animals were dying because of the oil lasting for years. For example, thousands of dead sea turtle bodies lie against the ocean floor and some were flush up shore. Pelicans got affected the most because when a pelican saw a fish he went to the ocean and got stuck in the oil. Also crabs have suffocated and died because of the oil.

Another reason is that there are animals living under the driller and when the driller broken down it will affect the animals that live under it and it might killed the animal. For example, a lot of animals in the ocean are very rare like the blue whale and sperm whale.

Why We Should Drill For Oil in the Deepest Part Of the Ocean?

But however some people said that we need the oil because we need to use it for the car and other things that need oil and we use more oil than we make. We make about 9.2 million barrels of oil but we use about 19 million barrels of oil per day. Also The cost of oil is too expensive (43.72 per barrel and we use more than 19 million barrels per day so we should spend about $830680000.00 per day) and it would just be easier to get some from underground.

For all of these reasons, I think that we shouldn't drill for oil in the deepest part of the ocean because it might kill wildlife and spread oil all over the part of the ocean. It also destroyed part of nature and this is my opinion about should we or should we not drill for oil in the ocean. What is your opinion?

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