By. Reilly Lam

Ebola/background info

There are many diseases out there. Some with a cure some not. However, Ebola is one of the most dangerous.

Is there a vaccine?

Ebola is a life or death disease. The fatality rate is 50%. Drinking water can help you survive because it helps hydrate your body. Death can be caused by hemmorhage (bleeding inside) or blood loss. There are currently no drugs but experimental drugs are being made.


Headaches and muscle pain can be early stages. When time goes by you can get a fever and start getting weak. Diarrhea and vomiting can occur too. The death stage can be the hemmorhage or bleeding inside. This can cause you to bleed to death.


When trying to prevent the disease. Wash your hands really well. Try staying away from the infected. Wear hazmat or special equipment if you see the infected. Even though it isn't airboure. Still wear equipment in effective areas to prevent it from happening.

how do we get it?

Ebola is transmitted through body fluids. Even though it isn't air bourne. We need to be careful.