October News

News From Room 208

Hello Parents,

What an exciting first month of school! The kindergartens have done a wonderful job with establishing the classroom rules and routines. There have been many new learning experiences and it’s amazing to see all of the children trying their best each day!

We have already began sending home our poetry folder and book bag. Students will receive their poetry folders and book bags on every Friday and are expected to return them both in our messenger bags the following Monday. Please take the time to read the book and the poem with your child or have them read it to you. This is a great learning tool for children.

With the cool Fall weather approaching, please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor play. We will also be working on dressing ourselves independently (i.e., taking off and putting on coats and sweaters, zippers, and buttons). You can support this at home by providing opportunities for your child to dress themselves.

We are very excited to have Ms. McCormick, a student teacher from York University with us every Wednesday for the rest of the school year. Welcome to Room 208 Ms. McCormick!

Terry Fox!

We had great weather for our annual Terry Fox walk. We honoured Terry Fox and helped to keep his dream alive. Thank you for your pledges and support. Look at us! We are ready for our annual Terry Fox walk.
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Message From The Class

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Students will engage in repetitive pattern books. We will begin our levelled book bags for the SK. Please remember to return the levelled readers and reading log, every Monday, so that your child can get a new book. In writing, we will be working on small moments (retell). We will be working on introducing sights words and alphabet letters (see October calendar) during our daily morning message and in the poetry folder. We will continue to print own name (SKs are encouraged to begin writing their last names). Please help your child practise writing their names at home.


We will be finishing up our unit on patterning. The students copy, extend, and describe repetitive patterns. The students also began to recognize patterns through sounds, symbols, and objects. We will begin to explore the many ways of representing numbers to 10 through manipulatives, tally marks, and ten frames. We will also be working on sorting and describing the sorting rule. We will keep you informed about the students’ learning by frequently sending photos.

Students in Action!


In art, we are working on continuing to explore primary and secondary colours and as well as textures.

Gallery 208 - Inspired by Wayne Thiebaud's style gumball art

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Primary and Secondary Colour Trees - Kandanski inspired

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Science will be based on the students’ interests and will change when a process of exploration has petered out. The science exploration will also influence some of their writing, art, and drama, and will help to develop their language skills, problem-solving abilities, and exploratory thinking.

Myster Reader

Love to read?

Be a Room 208 Mystery Reader!

Students really enjoy having visitors come to our classroom to share in our learning. A great way to do this is to have “Mystery Readers” visit and read aloud a story to the class. Parents, grandparents, older siblings, relatives, friends or school staff are invited to surprise the class by being a “Mystery Reader” in our classroom.

When: Beginning in mid October, Mystery readers can visit us twice a month during a Reading Workshop period, usually at 2:30pm

What to bring: Readers may bring a favourite book to read or read a teacher-selected book from our classroom library. You will have approximately 15 minutes to share your story with the class. Prior to your visit, you will be asked to write three facts about yourself that will be used as clues for the students to help them guess who will be reading to the class.

How to sign up: A Mystery Reader sign-up schedule is available in the classroom upon request or you can email me. There are many open dates to choose from throughout the month. If you cannot make it on any of the scheduled dates, we can set up a different time and day that will work for both of us. You will receive confirmation of your Mystery Reader date by email, and a reminder a few days prior to your chosen date.

Remember, you are a mystery to the class…so do not tell your child if or when you will be coming!

Please send me a “secret” note, email or call me at the school if you have any questions.

We can’t wait to meet our Mystery Readers!


We have collected $150 for the year for the borrow-a-book program. The money will be used to purchase new books. Thank you for your donation!


We always welcome volunteers in our classroom. A few parents have sent back the volunteer letter showing interest in helping out in the class. However, the TDSB policy this year requires that all volunteers have a police record check completed to ensure the safety of our students. This process can take a little while. I would suggest getting that done as soon as possible. Please see the office if you have any questions regarding this process. - they can help get you started.

Looking Ahead...

1. Trip to Round the Ben - Monday October 6

2. Beautiful Stuff Inquiry - Information will be handed out on Friday in Messenger bag

- Due no later than Friday October 10 and or earlier.

3. Picture Day - Friday October 17

4. Halloween Parade - Friday October 31

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