Perseverance News Update

Author Ethan Kim

The Meaning of Perseverance

Perseverance defines how a person will respond, bounce back or defeat a problem. You and only you can define your own perseverance; no one else can do it for you. Perseverance determines the outcome of one's life from the very simple decisions to the most important.

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Losing to Win: Problems and Solutions

In the video Losing to Win, a group of nine girls have a high school basketball team at Carroll Academy called the “Lady Jags”. These nine girls who attend the Academy, have personal problems like drug abuse, abusive parents, emotional and mental problems of their own. They are forced to attend Carroll Academy where they become better people. At Carroll Academy, they have supportive coaches and teachers that teach them valuable lessons and help them start their journey in perseverance. They are required to participate in sports such as basketball to teach team building. From the very beginning, they have a problem: a 218 losing streak that stands in the way of building courage and self esteem. They do poorly and they begin to feel embarrassed, frustrated and hopeless. Sometimes they were physically hurt by the other teams that they face and became aggressive to each other. The coaches have another view on this situation. They are very supportive of the students and feel that these failures, discouragements and hardships are a valuable learning tool. It teaches them that winning isn't everything. It is better to improve yourself and build character and real self esteem. Students who win all the time may not learn anything and are let down every time they lose. Losing inspires people to try harder and persevere. Overall, this video teaches us that we may face adversities. We may be mocked, defeated, and lose many games and tournaments. Everything is a learning experience and we are not always meant to accomplish something. We should only try our hardest and put work and effort into everything we do. Through all this adversity, the nine girls learn valuable life lessons and are able to eventually assimilate into a normal school setting.

The events of the Noble Experiment: Jackie Robinson

The Noble Experiment is about Jackie Robinson who participated in the experiment for the two segregated baseball leagues to start to play as one league. This would later help fight racism and segregation. It all started with “Branch Rickey”, a coach for the Ohio Wesleyan College. Coach Branch Rickey and his team decided to stay the night at a hotel before a game . An African American player, Charley Thomas, who was on their team, was not accepted into the hotel and was not permitted the same sleeping arrangements as the other players. A serious argument occurred between the coach and the hotel, until the hotel gave in and put a cot in the coach's room for the player to stay in. Later on in the night, coach Branch Rickey heard Charley crying and trying to scratch his skin off; saying “If only I was white, I could be treated equally.” Branch Rickey tried to have empathy for his player by saying “Someday it won’t matter what your skin looks like. You will have the liberty to do things that you normally would never get to do.” Thirty-five years later, thinking about his promise to Charley, he thought of an experiment with a hidden purpose. He wanted to fulfill the promise he gave to Charley. With his new found position as Dodger's president, he could begin to start his plan. Soon after he started as the Dodger's president, he began working on a cover up. His cover up plan was to make people think he was establishing a new league for African Americans. In reality, he was trying to find a talented African American player that could play with the Dodgers. He faced many adversities when he created an all African American league. He was even accused of trying to support the existing segregation. In reality, he was really trying to accomplish the opposite result. Whenever the white teams were accused of not having enough diversity, they took people from the African American leagues but never gave them any real time to play. Branch Rickey had an idea for a Noble experiment. The Noble experiment was for an African American player to join the white league and see how the players and the public would react. Branch Rickey heard about an excellent baseball player for the Noble experiment. Immediately, he sent out a scout to find this player. This amazing baseball player was Jackie Robinson. While Branch Rickey was interviewing Jackie Robinson, he asked him if he had the guts because he needed to be able to take on the hate and rejection. Jackie Robinson was at first offended but then realized his true intentions and joined the cause. Jackie Robinson faced many adversities such as racist comments, booing from crowds, unfair plays and many other hurtful things. Jackie Robinson was remarkable since he dealt with all the rejection in a positive and assertive way which led the fight against racism. Robinson’s conviction was too strong to be held down by adversities. In time, more African American players were accepted into the league to play and then the African American league was abolished.

Winston Churchill's Pereserverance Biography

Sir Winston Churchill is an eloquent and inspiring figure in European history. He was born on November, 30th, 1874. Churchill’s childhood was troublesome because his parents never had a parental role in his life. His nanny become his primary caretaker who helped Churchill to learn perseverance and make the best of every situation. He was a troublemaker as a kid but he became more mature and mindful; eventually graduating at the top of his class. Throughout his life, he has shown perseverance and leadership. For example on May, 10th, 1940 Sir Winston Churchill showed his leadership by leading the British and his own country, into World War II. He also kept the spark of battle and hope inside the hearts of those who fought alongside him when facing the seemingly impossible enemy of Nazi Germany. He also convinced the Americans and the Soviet Union to help fight to save not only Britain, but all of Europe. Churchill and the allies eventually abolished Nazi Germany’s. He also persevered in 1914, when he was kicked out of British politics because the people felt as if he had stepped out of line for his position in World War I. He was resilient and took that time to work and better himself as a person, so he could once again be the role model to all. In 1921, almost a decade later, Sir Winston Churchill was invited once again, back into politics. However, he is best known for his ability to lead a country as prime minister on two separate terms in 1940-1945 and 1951-1955. Churchill’s list of accomplishments include being dubbed a knight by Queen Elizabeth II, winning a Nobel Peace prize in literature and finally receiving a U.S. citizenship by President John F. Kennedy. He was awarded and honored all the way up until his death in January, 24,1965 at age 90. Sir Winston Churchill once said “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” From this quote we know he did not want others or his citizens to give into the enemy at large no matter how much more powerful they seem to be. He wanted them to be hopeful and open minded and work as a nation. He encouraged them to never give up on the dreams nor what they have created. His speeches during World War II inspired those to take charge and defeat the enemy. Overall, through all his adversities and triumphs, the ups and downs in his life, he persevered and became a positive leader and role model.

How can these past experiences help us now?

The perseverance of others helps us to learn from their mistakes and be inspired to try harder. Leroy and Dartanyon's perseverance shows us that even though we may be faced with disabilities that affect our normal lifestyle, we can always find ways to go around and be resilient. Eleanor's perseverance gives us an important message; that even if you are rejected by friends and family, you have to love yourself the way you want others to love you. The Lady Jags showed us that wining isn't everything; only that we should always try our hardest to be the best that we can be. Jackie Robinson taught us to persevere in a hostile and difficult situations. He taught us to persevere in an assertive way rather than a aggressive or passive way because sometimes you can make it worse by doing otherwise. Finally, Sir Winston Churchill taught us the most important lesson of all; never, never ever give into failure or distress, find a positive outlook on the situation and continue in your efforts to accomplish something. Perseverance keeps us going. It is a tool that we can find within ourselves. We can use it almost every single day and most importantly, it can never be broken down.
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