Mythical Creatures

By: Caroline and Ansley


  • Drools poisonous spit
  • Tail of a dragon
  • Three headed
  • Guardian of the Underworld in Greek Mythology
  • Can be calmed

Eastern Dragons

  • Eastern dragons like to sleep at the bottom of pools when winter is dry
  • When they lay eggs they don't hatch for 3000 years

The Unicorn

  • It's a myth that its horns have healing powers
  • Can detect poison in any liquid and make it pure
  • Ki LIn are different than western unicorns .
  • Ki Lin have scales all over their body


  • They are extremely rare at the time, only one existed
  • When they die they turn to ashes
  • A new phoenix is born of the old phoenix's ashes
  • They live in the desert


  • Body and legs of a lion
  • Head, wings, beak of an eagle
  • Sometimes has a serpent tail
  • Talons change color

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