Because your grandmother expects you to...

General Dos and Don'ts

1) Do Proofread - Your words represent you on the net! You want to be heard, so make sure people understand every word.
2) DON'T USE ALL CAPS! - unless you want to convey that you are yelling at someone, and why would you want to yell? That's not nice!
3) Do tell the truth, and be yourself - On the internet, you can be anonymous and tempted to lie or be someone you're not. But, "There is no alive who is youer than you." - Dr. Seuss
4) Don't spam - Be judicious when choosing which messages to forward on to others. No one likes junk mail!
5) Do Reply - Try your best to reply to emails in a timely manner!

A few other things to remember...

Don't put anything out there in the world wide web that you wouldn't want to be out there forever... Don't post anything you wouldn't want your grandmother to see... In other words, use appropriate language in posts, emails, and even usernames. Avoid getting caught up in online quibbles. Avoid spreading inaccurate information. Be respectful. Be professional. Be a good digital citizen.