History of our country

Bahrain was found December 16,1971. During the years Bahrain was Lack of space for fruitful debate between political actors has characterized the country's dense history. Bahrain National Anthem is called "Our Bahrain". There favorite Holiday is called "Eid al-Fitr". The full name of Bahrain is called the Kingdom Of Bahrain.

Demographics of Our Country Living Conditions in Our Country

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Geography of your country

  • Ad-Dur , Askar,and Awaii
  • 26.0275 N, 50.5500 E
  • Important Human Characteristics
    1. Bahrain is a traditional monarchy in which the king is the chief of state Major Industries: Offshore banking, ship, repairing , and tourism

  • Important Physical characteristics
    1. Around most of Bahrain is a Relatively shallow inlet of the Persian Gulf. Most of the island low Lying and Barren desert.

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Bahrain Map

Bahrain is located just off the eastern coastline of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf. It is a archipelago of 33 islands.

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Pictures of Human an physical characteristic of our country

In Bahrain the weather is hot an humid. Summer months often see temperature above 100°F (38°C). They built many building in Bahrain. A man Name King Isa Al Khalifah gave land to the catholic church to construct 2,500 seat church in the land of the Middle East Island Nation to be called our lady of Arabia.
Lady Of Arabia

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