District C Meeting Notes: 1.20.18

Corey Branch, Mayor Pro Tem

Our First Meeting Was a Success!

Our first community meeting for District C was a great success! Your input, attention, questions, and suggestions ensured that our time together was both informative and productive. This was the first of our monthly gatherings and future meetings are sure to be just as engaging. If you have thoughts on topics you would like to see addressed or facilitators you’d like to see lead meetings in the future, please reach out using the contact information in this newsletter. Your ideas are certainly welcome.

District C Updates and Information: What We Discussed

I. District C Map Overview/Updates

A. Police Districts

B. Old Towne Project

C. 540

D. Growth and Potential in the District

E. Fortify 40: Rock Quarry Road

F. Scatter Site for Affordable Housing

1. Concentration of Low Income Housing

2. Workforce Housing

G. Wal-Mart not Going Forward

1. Grocery store to replace

2. Community Push is Needed

a. Downtown Grocery Stores Are Coming

i. Dillon’s/Publix/Harris Teeter

ii. 2 are in District C/1 is in District B

iii. Co-op stores are also an option

H. Z-32-17 Rezoning Project

1. South CAC (Meets on the 2nd Monday)

2. Issue of egress (only one way in/out)

3. Presents a safety issue

II. Zoning Issues

A. Not all projects require re-zoning

B. Review the “Touchpoints” handout

C. Show up. Be visible. Be vocal.

III. Citizen Engagement

A. Foster Grandparents

B. Youth Activities: See handouts

C. Boards and Commissions

IV. Biltmore Hills

A. Planning Meeting has happened

V. Homelessness

A. Raleigh Rescue Mission has a new director

B. Exploring new possibilities

C. Jobs & Mental Health Issues to be considered

Small Group Discussion

We broke into small groups and had some important conversation around the questions:

1. What do you feel are the most pressing issues for District C

2. What solutions or ideas do you suggest

Here is what the groups had to say:

Blue Group:

Education Awareness about Development

Community Involvement

Economic Opportunity

New Bern Ave. Development

Future Land Use

Mass Transit

Over representation of subsidized housing

Affordability # for each district for housing

Communicate with corporations on how to be a good neighbor

Voter Education


Shared Property

Orange Group:

Swimming Pool for 2,000-2,500

Prison reform through non-profits and Trade skills

Youth exposure and opportunity

Partnerships with Cysco, Citrix, Yeti, IBM, Red Hat, Duke


2/3 programs

Coding Bootcamps

Summer Camps


Pop up shops (schools, community centers, café, small businesses)

Parks and Rec (Grill & Chill event for the community)

S.T.E.M. opportunities

Trades (Small Trade type businesses

Building/promoting skills in …

Pink Group:

Creating agendas that will be supported by the District C Councilman and having the community set the agendas

No development on Rock Quarry/Cross Link M+F

Solutions-Find out re-zoning options

Solution-Find out what the community wants

Solution-Find other parcels of land developers can build

Find common issues across the city to build partnerships around certain issues affecting each district

Career pathways for technology jobs

Business incubator at Tarboro Road Center

Economic Development for Black Business

Safety and advancement of Black youth

Red Group:

Economic Development

Solution-Selective buying (Boycott)

Solution-Black Entrepreneurship

Homelessness/Low Income Housing

Solution-Rent control laws

Solution-City Housing Inspector Accountability

Solution-City offering transitional housing/jobs

Youth/College Prep

Solution-Job Training/Mentorship



Small Group Consensus

There are several areas where the small groups seemed to have similar thoughts or energy. The chart below gives a visual representation of where the common thinking between groups occurred.

Big picture

Save The Date

Next City Council Meeting:

February 20th, 2018 at 1 pm and 7PM

222 West Hargett Street

Raleigh, NC 27601

Next Community Meeting:

February 17th, 2018 at 9-11 am

1214 E. Lenoir Street

Raleigh, NC 27610

Contact Councilmember Corey Branch

If you have thoughts on topics you would like to see addressed or guest speakers you’d like to hear from on specific tops in the future, please reach out using the contact information in this newsletter.