Welcome 5th Graders to Riverview!

Here is your Short Introduction to Riverview

What is there at Riverview?

The are six fifth grade teachers. Mr. Batzner, Mr. Petrie, Mr. Cain, Mrs. Strauss, Mrs. Serwin, and Mrs. Mey. Your Fine Arts classes are Gym, Library, Spanish, and Art. And you you also have the option to do chorus and as of last year you are allowed to join cross country and student council. Riverview has many things to offer so have a great time!

Grades and Classrooms at Riverview

Different grades are located at different floors of the school. 5th grade homerooms are all located at the third floor. 6th grade homerooms are also all located at the thrid floor. And 7th and 8th grade homerooms can mainly be found on the first and second floors. The cafetirea, library, and art rooms are on the second floor including two computer labs. On the third floor there is the spanish, FACS, and one computer lab. And you can find the gym on the first and second floor.