Attack at Pearl Harbor

By Noah Heyne

What Happened

On December 7th, 1941, a date that president Roosevelt has said will forever live in infamy, a major attack was taken place by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. Japanese pilots bombed and gunned down US navy men and US navy ships. "A very loud explosion rattled our windows. We rushed outside to see a string of airplanes in a shallow dive toward the ships at the end of our peninsula," said Hubert "Dale" Gano. The first bombs dropped at 6a.m from Japanese fighter jets. The USS Arizona was destroyed by a Japanese bomb and killed 1,104 service men. Many people believe that this could very well be the beginning of world war 2 for the United States who have previously been in a neutral state. One last question is, what will it take to end this war?


Our Response

The United States and Great Britain have declared war on Japan in response to the attacks on Pearl Harbor. The US will join the allied forces along with Great Britain, France, and other countries in Europe. Many think that these attacks took place in reaction stopping the delivery of oil to the Japanese. The US will fight against Japan, Italy, and Germany to hopefully end world war 2.

How I Felt

I was standing in my kitchens when I heard the loudest band ive ever heard in my life. It shook my house and busted some of my windows. I Just thought that one of our planes had crashed since I live right beside the harbor. I looked outside and saw hundreds of planes flying over the harbor. I saw the rising sun flag of the Japanese as they were bombing and shooting at the ships. As I watched the bombs drop, the only thing I had on my mind was, is this the beginning of world war 2 for us?