Slice of the Pi

A "September Like No Other" Edition

There are a lot of unknowns before you and this is also true; you might end up being surprised by the courage that rises up within you, the love that continues to find you, and the grace that continues to guide you.


Welcome back!

As we wrap up our third week of school, give yourself a hug. There is so much to figure out, but there are celebrations too. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this journey with you. Although I typically prepare the newsletter for the first Friday of the month, I felt we all needed a break from the steady flow of resources and updates coming our way- so I waited a bit. I will work to balance "need to know" and over flow. In that same tone- I'll keep this succinct!

I have been rotating through the buildings and will continue to do so throughout September as we launch the school year. Some of the things I have been exploring with teachers:

  • assisting during hybrid lessons
  • testing and adjusting technology
  • setting up virtual math spaces
  • locating virtual manipulatives
  • setting up new classroom spaces
  • co-teaching lessons
  • modeling lessons
  • kid watching and jotting notes
  • reviewing changes to 20-21 math instruction
  • brainstorming how to engage virtual learners
  • cross district planning conversations
  • analyzing the screeners to differentiate

If any of these appeal to you- or you have other needs- please reach out!

Scope & Sequence Changes

I know that back to school PD (especially this year!) can be a blur. A few important reminders:

We have an adjusted scope and sequence. There is a year overview and also a breakdown for each unit. Teaching is both an art and a science- as always- feel empowered to teach to the kids in front of you over following the lessons/pacing right from the page.

Below are the slides from our PD and a link to the Bridges site with your grade level specific changes.

Math Assessment Changes

Another important reminder from our PD is that we are using the Bridges Unit Screeners. If you were using pre assessments, the screener will be used instead. The screeners are brief diagnostic assessments that can help us determine where students may need reengagement with previous grade level content to be successful in the current unit. The Screener Implementation Guide has very helpful ideas, and hyperlinks, to differentiate based on student performance on the screener. The screeners can be found under the Unit tab in the 20-21 Guidance Section linked above.

Post assessments will still be used, although if you are in a unit where modules were skipped, there are suggestions for how to modify the post to reflect your instructional changes.

I'm happy to help you explore these resources!

Number Corner

Although the Digital Display Materials cannot be accessed by families at home, you can share them during live lessons by using the "presenting" mode in Meet or having a camera on your Smartboard. I have shared your requests with Bridges for more accessibility in Number Corner. Good news- they did just release some new features! You can find them under Number Corner on the same screen as all the other 20-21 grade level resources linked above.

I've included the September links here:


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Dear Family,

The unit overview letters are a great resource for families. I have linked a PDF of each one in the math curriculum file in our R15 Google Drive so they can easily be uploaded to Google Classroom if you choose. They can also easily be shared through Remind or sent home in paper versions.

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