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Dylan Dreher

The Curious Incicident of the Dog in the Night-Time. By: Mark Haddon

This moving mystery novel, which takes place in Swindon, England, leaves you on the edge of your seat the entire novel. This story revolves around Christopher Boone, an autistic 15 year old, who is highly skilled in math. Christopher lives with his father Ed who clearly cares about him even though sometimes it might not seem so as he strictly disciplines his son. Ed knows how much Christopher cares about his maths so when the principle of his school told them that Christopher couldn't take the level A math exam he fought to get his son the opportunity to be the first student at his school to take the exam. Early on in the book, Christopher comes across Mrs.Shear's, his neighbor, dead dog Wellington. This inspires him to take on the detective role in solving the mystery of who killed Wellington. With the help of his favorite teacher and friend Siohban who gives him advise on many things, he puts together an alright case. But the case takes a crazy turn when he figures out who actually killed Wellington, resulting in him leaving on a dangerous and crazy adventure to seek out his mother who Christopher recently discovered was not dead. This book doesn't contain one dull moment and the way Mark Haddon portrays Christopher as the narrator is simply astonishing.

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