Plate Techtonics

By: Ethan Frandsen

Question answers

  1. core, mantle, and crust
  2. The continents are moving slowly away from each other because of convection currents
  3. Alfred Wegener
  4. fossil records and the continents fitting together
  5. new oceanic crust forms through volcanic activity
  6. Harry Hess
  7. it shows that new land is being made between boundaries which means that continents are being pushed away from each other
  8. the hot air lifts the plates
  9. plates float around on earths surface with convection currents
  10. transform(rubs) divergent(spreads apart) convergent(comes together) convergent subduction(the oceanic plate is pushed under the continental plate)
  11. the ring of fire is a highly volcanic active border around the pacific ocean
  12. transform(earthquake) divergent(seafloor spreading, volcanoes, and rift valleys) convergent(trench, mountain, volcanic mountain)