10 Memorable Moments

Life Map Project By: Katia Valinskas


Throughout my life I have made a lot of memories, but there were several of them that have stayed with me and have mad a big impact on me. Below are 10 memories that were the most memorable.

First Day of School

I started school all the way back in 2003, but it is still a large moment in my life. There is a picture of me standing in front of my old house with my backpack and lunch bag with a huge smile on my face. It has affected me because when I was that young I was so excited to start school! It was the first day to begin the path of my life.

First Move

A year after my first year of school my parents decided to move houses. It was an adventure! I came to the new house and was able to have a tour. My parents showed me where my room would be and told me to think of a color that I wanted painted on my wall. I picked blue of course! This house allowed me to meet new friends on my street as well was the entry to my middle school nearby.


This year my parents surprised me with tickets to the Kinky Boots Show before my 16th birthday. The show was really spectacular with all of the colors, singing, and dancing. The plot sent out an important message about accepting people for who they are.


This past weekend was a memorable one because family friends from Montreal came over. With them here we visited many attractions in and around Toronto. The attractions we visited were Ripley's Aquarium, Niagara Falls, and the Science Center. I was also lucky to see a showing of Riverdance too.