Wildcat Weekly

Week of February 15

Happy Birthday!

Jackie McKnight – Feb. 20

Sean Carpenter – Feb. 21

Kathy Krenkel – Feb. 21

Kevin Dunagan – Feb. 22

Nancy Erickson – Feb. 22

Deb Strecker – Feb. 23

Donna Voelk – Feb. 24

Anthony Mason – Feb. 27

Robyn Shipley-Gerko – Feb. 27

Staff Info

From the Registrar:

  • The 4th six weeks will end this Friday, February 19th.
  • Please print, sign, and turn in the Six Weeks Verification Report
  • If you have any problems, please email me, or contact Instructional Technology or email gradebook@pisd.edu.
  • Instructions for teachers are now posted to the teacher's gradebook message board. The link, if you need a copy, is: http://pinnacle.pisd.edu/SixWeeksGradeReportingProcedures.pdf.

  • The deadline for teachers to submit their grades for reporting is 3:30 PM on Wednesday, February 24th.

  • Report cards will be in 2nd period teachers’ mailboxes for distribution on Friday, February 26th.

TEA Verification Reminder

  • The State required TEA verification of enrollment will be done this week – the same process as the 1st six weeks back in September.

  • We will put 2nd period Class Rosters in your mailboxes on Tuesday. They are due back to the Registrar on Wednesday the 18th. You are verifying ONLY that these students are assigned to you, according to your grade book, at the end of the 4th six weeks. It doesn’t matter if the student is absent that day, only that they are attached to you as the teacher of record.
  • If you have a student drop from your roll in grade book, cross him off and adjust the total. If you have a new student added to your roll in grade book, write in the name and adjust the total.

Education Foundation Survey Request

The Education Foundation is exploring the needs surrounding teacher and student school supplies. We have prepared a short, anonymous survey for teachers to complete to aid us in this exploration. The process is simple. Teachers can click the link below and complete our survey in Survey Monkey. It should take less than 5 minutes.


Please complete by February 29! Thank You!

Education Foundation Donations

Don't forget to turn in your form to Julie Pancake be the end of the month. Even if you don't donate, be sure to turn in your form. The team with 100% participation will win Sonic drinks!

Next Pep Rally: February 19.

This is the Spring Competition Pep Rally. Many, many groups are involved in the spring, and we want them represented at the pep rally. If you are a sponsor, be sure your group plans to attend, and let Kim May know what competitions they've been involved in. Be sure to have a student bring your club flag if you have one. We want all groups to have one by next year. Let me know if you need to get one.

* * * * * * * * * * WILDCAT SPORTS * * * * * * * * *



  • JV & VARSITY CATS vs. Allen. Tuesday, Feb. 16th at Allen. JV plays at 6pm & Varsityat 7:30pm.


  • VARSITY CATS at UIL Texas State Tournament Friday & Saturday, Feb. 19th and 20th. at TBD. Start time is TBD.



  • JV & VARSITY LADY CATS vs. Hebron , Feb. 16th at Hebron. JV plays at 5:45pm andVarsity plays at 7:30pm.

  • JV & VARSITY LADY CATS vs. Allen , Friday Feb. 19th at Clark East field. JV plays at5:45pm and Varsity plays at 7:30pm.


  • JV & VARSITY CATS vs. Hebron Tuesday, Feb. 16th at Clark Stadium . JV plays at5:30pm and Varsity plays at 7:30pm.

  • JV & VARSITY CATS vs. Allen Friday, Feb. 19th at Ford Middle School. JV plays at5:30pm and Varsity plays at 7:30pm.


  • JV Cats vs. McKinney North Tuesday, Feb. 16th at McKinney North. Time is 5:00pm.
  • JV Cats vs. Rowlett Saturday, Feb. 20th at PSHS. Time is 1:00pm.
  • Varsity Cats vs. Rowlett Saturday, Feb. 20th at Rowlett. Time is 1:00pm.


  • Varsity at Bryan Tournament Thursday - Saturday Feb. 18th - 20th at Bryan. Time TBD.


  • Varsity Diving State Meet Friday & Saturday, Feb. 19th and 20th at UT Austin.Time TBA.