Friendsgiving Brunch

Because I'm too tired to cook a damn turkey.

If I buy a case of champage, will you help me drink it?

So, everyone knows I've been dreaming of hosting a Friendsgiving this year. I even recruited Kevin to cook the turkey! I even bought a turkey baster.

But this work trip kicked my ass and I'm feeling pretty tired/lazy in general, so I thought...why not a Friendsgiving brunch? Who doesn't like unlimited mimosas and breakfast food? NO ONE, that's who.

With that said....get your fat pants (these are regular pants for Dan) ready for....

FRIENDSGIVING BRUNCH. It's what the Pilgrims would have wanted.

Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 1pm

3173 18th St NW

Washington, DC

Oh yeah - most importantly, RSVP and let me know if you can make it immediately, so I can decide if this is even worth doing. XOXO.


1:00 - Get drunk on mimosas

2:00 - Eat some things

3:00 - Get progressively more drunk on mimosas

4:00 - Alma starts dancing/chanting/whatever it is I do when I'm drunk and happy

5:00 - You can get the hell out of my house (if you want) and go drink some more somewhere else or take a nap and wake up 16 hours later. JK you can stay forever!


- You have to bring something you've cooked (or for Dan, that might mean buying fancy cheese and salami at the store, which is also allowed). I know this is an odd mix of brunch + thanksgiving, so...bring whatever you want. But let me know beforehand, preferably, so I can prepare and get a somewhat decent menu together and make cute name tags and shit.

- You have to help me finish the champagne.

- You should bring a +1 if they're cute.