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March 2022

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Undecided Senior Day

Does your senior have a plan after graduation? Is he or she unsure about their post-graduation plans?

The counseling department is hosting an Undecided Senior Day on Wednesday, March 23rd with Chattahoochee Technical College in the LGI. Seniors will have an opportunity to hear what a two-year/technical college offers, and they will have time to complete an application. Counselors will be available after the presentation to help answer questions and assist with the application process if needed. If seniors have questions about any of their post-graduation options, not just Chattahoochee Tech, counselors will be available.

Seniors must sign up using the link below:

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Applerouth Webinar Opportunities

The following webinars are FREE and sponsored by Applerouth. To attend their webinars, you must create an account on their website.

The New SAT: What the changes mean for you

March 2 at 8:00 PM EST (online)

About this event: The Digital SAT has been all over the news since it was announced. Naturally, students, parents, and educators want to know - what do these changes mean for me? In this interactive Q&A session, Dr. Jed Applerouth will provide straightforward answers to demystify this big change. Break through all the noise and get the quick expert take on everything we know so far about the new SAT.

Click HERE to register

Motivating Students: Helping children and teens get started, persist, and finish tasks, no matter how boring

March 14 at 8:00 PM EST (online)

About this event: In this webinar, Dr. Sharon Saline, veteran psychologist, author, and ADHD/LD expert, provides insight and tools on how to successfully motivate all kinds of learners at school and at home. Building upon a strength-based, collaborative approach, she will show you how to develop and use strategies to teach all-important executive functioning skills related to motivation, increase personal accountability and create solutions to daily challenges with more cooperation and less arguing.

Click HERE to register

Path to College: What Juniors Need to Know Now

March 15 at 8:00 PM EST (online)

About this event: Applying to college should be exciting and fun, but its easy to get overwhelmed by the increasing competition at top schools and the ever-rising cost of higher education. What's more, families don't always know where to start when it comes to securing a spot at a great college or university. No matter where you are in your high school career, you can lay the groundwork for an amazing college application. Take this trip with Applerough - we'll show you how to navigate the college admissions process with confidence.

Click HERE to register

Managing Academic Anxiety

March 21 at 8:00 PM EST (online)

About this event: For many students, a new school year can bring anxiety levels to new heights. When anxiety runs high, grades can run low. Thankfully, there are proven interventions that middle and high school students can use to reduce academic anxiety and improve their performance. In this webinar, Dr. Jed Applerouth will share practical strategies that parents can use to help anxious students. He'll also help you understand potential confounding factors such as processing speed deficits, learning differences, family expectations, generalized anxiety disorders, metacognition, and emotional self-regulation. Click HERE to register

NOTE: If you have specific questions about their webinars, please contact Applerouth directly.

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Sources of Strength Week

Sources of Strength (SOS) Week will take place March 28 - April 1. SOS will highlight different strengths throughout the week, including mentors, positive friends, physical activities, generosity, and mental health awareness. The SOS Peer Leaders are planning various activities before school and during lunches throughout the week.

Monday - Mentor Day

Tuesday - Physical Activity Day

Wednesday - Mental Health Day

Thursday - Positive Friends Day

Friday - Generosity Day

These activities will be fun, engaging, and will focus on Hope, Help, and Strength!

Articles & Resources

33 Ways To Refill Your Cup

A device cannot run when the battery has no energy to give. While you are much more valuable than any device, you do not run so well on depleted batteries either. You have to fill your cup.

How To Look After Your Mental Health

It’s important to take care of yourself and get the most from life.

SAT is Going Digital in 2024

The new SAT will be shorter and entirely online, beginning 2024.

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Reminder to Senior Families - Complete the FAFSA

If your senior is planning to attend college after high school graduation, he or she must complete the FAFSA form. Many colleges, both in-state and out of state, set priority deadlines by which students must submit the FAFSA form to be considered for financial aid. If your senior is HOPE or Zell Miller eligible, he or she must complete the FAFSA form as well.

If your senior has not completed the FAFSA form, our Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) rep, Marcus Hilliard, provided helpful guides for you and your senior to navigate the FAFSA completion process (see below). Mr. Hilliard is very knowledgeable about the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarship program, the FAFSA, the cost of attendance for college, the GAfutures website, and more. If you have specific questions regarding your student's situation, you can schedule a 30-minute phone consultation with Mr. Hilliard by clicking HERE.
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College Rep Visits

College Rep Visits are opportunities for students, specifically juniors and seniors, to speak directly with admissions representatives from colleges and universities to learn more about their programs, scholarship opportunities, and answer any lingering questions!

  • All college rep visits are held on Wednesdays at the beginning of AO.
  • Students are required to register through their Naviance account.
  • Below are instructions for your student to register for college rep visits:

    1. Log into your Naviance account
    2. Click "Colleges" at the top of the home screen
    3. Click "College Visits" under the "Research Colleges" section
    4. Register for the colleges he or she is interested in

    Students will receive an email confirmation. It is critical for students to have an accurate email address in their Naviance profile (instructions to update the student email address can be found in our 11th & 12th Grade PowerPoint presentation on our website under Important Updates).

Currently, the following colleges and universities are signed up and are ready to meet with our students. Students are encouraged to check their Naviance accounts regularly to view the colleges and universities that scheduled a visit to Sprayberry HS.

  • Life University - Wednesday, March 2
  • Dalton State College - Wednesday, March 9
  • Reinhardt University - Wednesday, March 16
  • Chatt Tech College - Wednesday, March 23
  • Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) - Wednesday, March 30
  • The University of Alabama - Wednesday, April 13


NOTE: Cobb County School District assigned every student with a Naviance account. If your student does not recall his or her username and/or password, he or she must send an email to their assigned counselor.

ParentVUE and StudentVUE


You are able to monitor your student's grades and attendance through ParentVUE. For assistance with ParentVUE, please send an email to our ParentVUE coordinator, Michelle Pace, at In your email, please include your student's first and last name as well as their student ID (lunch number).


Please encourage your student to monitor his or her grades regularly through their StudentVUE account. If your student needs assistance accessing their StudentVUE account, he or she can send an email to our media specialist, Paula Axford, at In the email, your student must include their first and last name as well as their student ID (lunch number).

Upcoming Events & Reminders

Undecided Senior Day - March 23 (more details to come)

Sources of Strength (SOS) Week - March 28 - April 1

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