History of Dell computers!

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When did Dell start?

It all started in 1984 when Michael Dell, a 19-year-old, pre-med college freshman starts selling computers built from stock components out of his dorm room at the University of Texas in Austin. He later drops out to focus on the business he names "PC's Limited."

Timeline of Dell

in 1988 PC's Limited changed its names to Dell Computer Corp and went public, raising $30 million and increasing its market to $85 million. Then in 1989 the first laptop computer, 316LT, went on sale. In 2001 Dell became Number 1 computer systems provider worldwide. 2005 growth begins to slow and stock starts losing momentum. Finally in 2013 Dell agreed to be taken private for $24.4 billion, or $13.65 per share.

Michael Dell

That is Michael Dell