Martin / Gentry Newsletter

May 23 - 27

What's Going On?

  • May 24: Puberty Talk
  • May 25 - 27: Space Camp
  • May 30: Memorial Day *No School*
  • May 31: Field Day 10 - 11:30 on the NBH Softball Field behind the gym. **Please send in Field Day shirt money as soon as possible!*
  • June 1: 4th Quarter Incentive *This is a FREE incentive. Permission slips are not required!*
  • June 2: Completion Ceremony at 8:00 am. Students are to wear their Buccaneer Blue polo and uniform bottoms. Parents may check their child out after the ceremony. This is a half day of school.
  • June 2: Last day of school!

Space Camp

  • Please arrive at NBH by 5:30. We will leave here at 6:00 sharp!
  • The bus drivers will stop a total of two times during our journey to Space Camp. We will only be allowed to get off of the bus to use the restrooms once. We will let you know which stop is which.
  • We will return to NBH around 7:00 or 7:30 on Friday. The kids will begin calling you when we are around Youngstown so will know when to meet us at school.

**Remember to pack a jacket and long sleeved shirt just in case!**

Wednesday *We should arrive at Space Camp by noon.*
- Wear Space Camp t- shirt or Buccaneer Blue polo and uniform bottoms
- Coins / $1 bills for snacks at rest stop vending machines
- Electronics for bus/ chargers. We may have wifi on the bus.
- Bring your own breakfast to eat on the bus.
- Bring a heavy lunch to eat on the bus.
- Screw top drinks only!
- Snacks
- Spending money. Your group might go to the gift shop!

Thursday (***Be sure to get everything you need from the hotel before you leave! You will not be able to come back until it is time for bed!***)
- Uniform (Any color polo.)
- Spending money. Your group might go to the gift shop!
- Coins / $1 bills for drink machines and snack machines around Space Camp.

- Uniform (Any color polo.)

- Have everything packed up and ready to go! You will load your luggage onto the bus before heading to Space Camp for breakfast!
- Coins / $1 bills if you want to play arcade games at Cici's.
- Screw top drinks for the ride home.
- Snacks (We will not stop for anymore meals before arriving home.)