The Republican Party

Take Back America

The Basics

The Republican party, commonly referred to as the GOP (Grand Old Party), is one of the two major contemporary parties in the United States.


"Make the right choice"

"Together, we can beat dem."

"A new American Century"

"Make America great again"


The Republican Party is the second oldest existing party in the United States behind the Democratic Party. The election of 1860 brought the Republican Party to the presidential scene with Abraham Lincoln being the first Republican President.
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The Republican Party believes in a reduced government, and more capitalistic, free-market policies. They also believe in lowering taxes, and spending on social programs

Marco Rubio

Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants, who came to the United States to live the American Dream. He was born in Miami, Florida in 1971, and grew up as an impressive athlete. He graduated in 1989, receiving a football scholarship to Tarkio College in Missouri resulting in a transfer the following year. Eventually, he received a degree in law from the University of Florida. Rubio started off in politics by winning a seat in the West City Miami commission, and worked his way to the House of Representatives.
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Who Supports the GOP

Sheldon Adelson

Richard DeVos

Campaign for working families