Questions Answered for Back to School! - August 20, 2021

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Scheduling Information

Your Counseling team is working diligently to ensure that ALL students have a full class schedule on the first day of school. Please note that we still have students enrolling (GO STORM NATION!), so schedules will continue to be adjusted as we work to place all students.

We appreciate your patience as our response times have been significantly slowed due to the large volume of requests for communication. Our top priority is ensuring that students are appropriately placed. Please utilize the Schedule Change Request Form found on the OHS website. ALL requests for schedule changes must be submitted through the online platform before they can be reviewed. Not all requests for changes can be fulfilled, and we must adhere to the district’s policy for schedule changes West Ada School District Policy 603.2.

We look forward to meeting each of our new Storm Troopers in the coming weeks and, again, we thank you for your patience in this very busy season.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Can I come to school, walk my schedule, and find my locker before school starts?

Yes, you can! Students can come to school next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 8/23/ - 8/25, from 9:15 am -3:00 pm. Teachers will be in meetings so please be as quiet as possible. Thank you!

What if I missed Device Distribution?

If you did not pick up your laptop this week you may come to the Library next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, 8/23/ - 8/25, from 9:15 am-3:00 pm, or stop by the Library on the first day of school.

Log In Information:

  • If you cannot log into your laptop at home, don't panic! As soon as you come to school next week, you will be able to connect to the school's wifi, then it will work at home. Some computers need to be connected at school first. Laptops can be taken to the parking lot of the school nearest to you to connect. You just need to be in close proximity to a West Ada School District school to connect.
  • We ran out of power cords as of 3:00 on Thursday. We are expecting another batch to come in sometime next week. The OHS Facebook page and OHS webpage will be updated when they arrive if you would like to come in and pick one up in the Library, OR your student can wait until the 1st day of school. We are sorry for any inconvenience as we are receiving our devices from other schools in the district.

How do I get my locker number and combination?

Lockers are automatically assigned to EVERY student. The locker number and combination can be found in PowerSchools by clicking the “School Information” icon in PowerSchools which is located on the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen.

What if I can't open my locker?

There will always be administrators and teachers present in the hallways before school, during passing periods, and after school. One of our amazing staff members will be happy to assist!

Can I take my backpack into the classroom?

Yes, you can!

Can my student leave campus for lunch?

Students 10th - 12th grade may leave campus. Owyhee is a closed campus for 9th graders during lunch.

*For students who want to leave campus, please remember it is at least a 10 minute drive each way to a restaurant. When you factor in hundreds of students leaving at the same time, four way stops, and two lane roads, bringing a lunch or eating school lunch might be the best option!

Free School Lunch All Year!

All children enrolled in West Ada School buildings will be served a free breakfast and lunch each school day! West Ada schools will be serving free meals to students enrolled in district school buildings for the 2021-2022 School Year.

What does this mean for you and your kids? All students enrolled into West Ada School buildings will eligible to receive a free breakfast and free lunch each learning day.

When does this start?

We will begin with our first day of school, August 26, 2021. This includes both breakfast and lunch.

If you have any questions please contact School Nutrition at nutrition@westada.org.

Where do students park?

Students should park in the North parking lot and enter through the Common Area doors for closer access to classes. Students may also park in the South parking lot, however, it will be a longer walk to their classes. The middle section of the parking lot is reserved for Staff and visitors. Please see Owyhee Parking Map link below.

When and how do I get my parking pass?

Parking passes are required for all students who park at Owyhee. The cost is $10 for the entire year. An email will be sent out to all 10th - 12th grade students next week with the required parking contract attached. Students need to fill out the contract and return it to OHS August 26 - September 3. Our Security Officer, Mr. Stuart, will be collecting forms outside the Bookkeeping Office before school, at lunch, and after school. Students will receive their parking tag when they can show proof of payment and turn in a completed contract. Please bring your receipt to show proof of payment. Parking tickets will not be issued during this time period.

Where do I drop off my student?

Please click on the Owyhee Parking Map link below for designated parent pick up and drop off areas.

What day does school start?

School starts on Thursday, August 26.

What time does school start?

The warning bell rings at 7:35 am, class starts at 7:40 am.

Please click on the bell schedule link and A/B calendar link for detailed information.

School Picture Day, August 31

School picture day is Tuesday, August 31. ALL students (including seniors) will have their picture taken, even if they are not ordering pictures. Pictures packets will be given to students when they pick up their devices. School pictures can be ordered on-line by clicking on the Dorian On-Line Order form, and type in Owyhee High School in the school selection box.

ID cards will be printed on the spot for each student. To ensure your student ID is marked as an Activity Card please purchase your activity card by Thursday, August 26 (first day of school). The cost is $44.50.

A Note From The Nurse

For students needing to take and store prescription or other medication in the health office, please make certain that it is in a properly labeled prescription bottle or original container. A medication consent form must also be completed yearly by the parent and on file in the health office for delivery of medication.

Students are allowed and encouraged to carry and self-administer a one day’s dose of over the counter (OTC) medication such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen or Tums with parental consent. Medication must be in original packaging or container and can be stored in student’s locker or backpack.

Looking forward to meeting several of you very soon!

Tami Desaulniers, RN

Participation Fees and Optional Fees

There are no required course fees at Owyhee High School.

All participation fees and activity cards are required to be paid by participants on sport and activity teams, prior to the first competition.

  • Sports Participation Fee $110.00

  • Activity Card (including tax) $44.50

Optional Fees for the 2021-2022 school year are now available on myschoolfees.com

  • Parking Permit $10.00

  • PSAT( for juniors only) $25.00

  • Yearbooks (including tax) $65.00

  • Device Insurance Option $25.00

Credit Card payments can be made at myschoolfees.com. Payments made in-person to the bookkeeper must be check or cash.

Attendance Information

Physical attendance is required for the 2021-2022 school year. For those who feel uncomfortable attending school in person, Virtual School House is a great option.

We are excited to welcome students to Owyhee High School for the upcoming school year! For your convenience we have a phone line specifically designated for attendance! This designated attendance line will help to serve our students and parents in the most efficient. The Main Office phone number is to be used for incoming calls not pertaining to attendance. Before the school year starts, please take a moment to save these important numbers in your phone for quick reference:

OHS Attendance 208-350-4623

OHS Main Office 208-350-4620

OHS Fax 208-350-4321

Job Opportunities

The West Ada School District is actively looking for dedicated, caring, and compassionate paraprofessionals to join our special education team assisting students within both general and special education classrooms. You will be working with students to provide them the supplemental academic, social and/or behavior support they need. Typical tasks include working with students in groups and individually during lessons as well as perform other duties to assist the school in providing meaningful instructional experiences for all students.

Interested in working with us? For more information about the application process and current job openings, please click on the links below: