Guia de Turistas en Madrid, España

clase de espanol


As a summer intern at a travel agency in Madrid, you are asked to prepare a document that will help tourists feel more comfortable in the city. You decide to create a brochure about visiting Madrid. You want to tell them where they should: shop, how much things cost, where they can go to eat, have a café, walk at a park, visit the theater, stroll down the plaza, etc. Include some key vocabulary/phrases they will need to know.


· Required elements

1. Make sure you include 5 images (store, park, restaurant, theater, plaza)

2. You must include at least 15 vocabulary words from Unit 4

3. Use [ir + a + infinitive] at least 5 times as you are stating where you are going.

4. Use other verbs such as: comprar, beber, comer, costar, caminar, visitar

5. Feel free to include anything else you deem important for the tourists!!

· How do I post?

· 1. To create your brochure use

2. When you are done editing the brochure, you will click the button on the right that says “Done Editing”.

3. Then, on the top of the screen a box will pop up that shows ways to share it. You will see the embed option. Go to Get a link.

4. Copy and paste the Get a link code into the Discussion Board (use the Insert Quicklink button-go to URL) and submit.

• How will I be graded?

60 % based on completion, 40% on comprehensibility


Brochure must be inserted in the Discussion Board by Wed., March 9, 2016