How dangerous can a little cough be?

Cause Of The Disease

The cause of SARS is a virus! Virus's are so small only the high tech microscopes can see them. This disease originally was only able to transmit between animal and human. Since then, it has evolved to transmit between human and human.
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SARS is transmitted by respiratory droplets. So anytime some one who is infected with SARS coughs, sneezes or even breaths hard someone could possibly be at risk of catching the disease.
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The symptoms of this disease is close to the symptoms of a common cold. Like high fever, headache, runny nose, cough, and a dry cough. That's what made it so hard to find infected people, most people don't go to a doctors office because of a cold and that causes for more people to come in contact with an infected person.


Most common treatment for SARS is antivirals. Antiviral is a medicine that is made to specialize in killing the virus that is attacking your body.
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It is a hard disease to prevent since you really cant see any obvious signs of people around you having. An infected person may just have allergy's or a cold. One thing you can do is wash your hands often with soap. If you happened to just touch the door knob a infected person touched and then wiped your face then you could have prevented that by just washing your hands.


1. First outbreak happened in 2003 and nearly 8089 people were infected.

2. Of the 8089 people who were infected 774 of them died

3. Caused a mass hysteria because people panicked and thought they could have SARS when all it was just allergy's or a cold.

4. Outbreak lasted from the 16th of November, 2003 to the 18th of may, 2004