Welcome Back BHS Staff

2015 - 2016

Welcome back BHS Staff! We are looking forward to another wonderful year! There have been some changes up in the library and we wanted to make sure everyone knows what is new and what services we offer.


Many changes have been made in the library over the last few months. The biggest change is our new LMS, former BHS English teacher, Angela Siewert. She is transitioning into her new position with flair and bringing many new, exciting ideas into our library.

Before our previous librarian, Charlotte Hill retired last spring she undertook the HUGE task of weeding and shifting our collection. We have flipped our fiction section so that it now starts along the back wall. The non-fiction was culled and books that were out of date or no longer relevant were discarded in order to make room for new materials! If you have suggestions of materials for your items of study please let us know!

Last spring we used money gifted to us from MREC and the Office of Indian Education to purchase numerous items related to the study of American Indians. We are already working with the Native American Studies class to provide research materials, as well as hoping to put together an amazing pow-wow display!


AKA the important stuff :)

Annie McKenzie was extremely kind and donated a latte machine to the library's back office. There are many different coffee drinks you can make and syrups to add to make a delicious drink! We will hopefully be adding a Keurig as well to satisfy everyone's need for caffeine. We are asking for a free will donation system to help us keep the area well stocked, so if you grab a cup give a buck!

The chocolate has returned to the LMS desk, and in the words of our LMS, Angie, "Chocolate! Because we teach!"

So if you are experience a lull in energy come and grab a pick-me-up in the library!


Your library has numerous items available for in-library use or for checkout.

  • 30 computers in the south half of the library
  • 26 computers, 9 tables, and a projector and screen in the Reference area
  • media carts
  • tv/dvd carts
  • lab schedule sign up and key checkout


We are always adding books to our collection, but we have added more technology as well! We have two Kindles for teachers to check out and 24 Nooks for classroom checkout. With grant money, we purchased more video cameras for use in our classes. We now have a total of nine cameras and they are great for PBL!


If you are in need of materials for your classroom (books, DVD, etc.) please e-mail Angie at angela_siewert@bismarckschools.org to request any resource materials. Please include in your e-mail a link to the item or a description and a brief summary of what the item will be used for (i.e. what class will use the item or what lesson will the item enhance)


Overdrive is a great e-library that we offer to all students and staff. It is available on all phones, tablets, and laptops. We have been amassing a collection of fiction. nonfiction, and audiobooks. To log-in click here and sign in with your school username and password. Overdrive is also the elending library that the public library uses...so install one app and you can access both online collections! If you need help installing or using overdrive we have materials on our website to help you access our collection, or the library staff would love to help you sign in and get started.