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Mission and Vision Statements

CFL Vision

At CFL, we are an uplifting crew who embrace our students, staff, and families in a kind and fun learning environment where all can grow.

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A Note from Mrs. Frees

Dear CFL Families,

Happy New Year!!

As we ring in the New Year it is an exciting time to reflect on our accomplishments and review goals for what we have left to do in this school year. Can you believe that we are halfway through this school year? Where did the time go?

We are all working hard to meet the challenges that come with change and prepare our students with literacy and math skills to support being lifelong learners.

We will be helping students look at their mid-year progress, prioritizing what they have left to work on into bite size chunks and then going full speed ahead as if it is just the routine. Through student/teacher goal setting we know we can achieve our goals.

We have so many exciting opportunities happening in the coming weeks and months. Please visit the school website and new social platform often so that you don’t miss a thing. Download the Garfield 16 app on your phone so you can see all the exciting things we are doing and achieving. We are definitely moving full steam ahead for the last half of this year. See you soon for Student Led Conferences at the end of February.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all those teachers, students, families, friends and community members that came together in the spirit of giving to help members of the Garfield 16 Community that needed help during this holiday season. Many needs were met, tears shed and grateful hearts filled. A huge shout out toour CFl Ambassadors and all that supported our CFl food drive and Claudia Flores and her team for distrubuting to our families.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

With Gratitude,

Kim Frees

The Weather is Cold and Snowy!

We finally have snow and a lot of it!

Please help your child be prepared for the weather and snow. Have your child bring or wear boots, hats, mittens/gloves, snow gear and a warm jacket. With all the snow, we don't want our kids to have wet feet or pants and risk getting sick. Please send in an extra change of clothes in their backpacks so if they get wet they can change.

At CFL , our policy states that students will be sent outside for recess each day unless:

1. The outside temperature and/or wind chill is below 0

2. It is pouring rain.

3. An emergency is called by the Weather Service.

Recesses throughout the day last between 20-25 minutes. If students bring hats and gloves in their backpacks, they can be ready for any drastic weather changes.

Through our Family Resource Center, we have hats, mittens and coats available for students and families in need. Please come in and visit with us if your child is in need of warm winter clothing.

Please help your child remember to bring the necessary items so they can be comfortable and enjoy their time outside at recess during the cold weather.

If you would like to donate any new or lightly used winter clothing, please contact the Family Resource Center.

Our hope is that every student at CFL will be prepared for the cold winter ahead, and we thank you for doing your part at home to make sure that happens.

Progress Reports will be sent home on January 10th.

Dear Families,

This is a resource that will support understanding your students progress report.

Empower is the program teachers use to input student scores in order to track how your child is doing. These aren’t necessarily “grades”. However, these scores show us (and you) your child’s growth on skills and concepts they are meeting for their grade level. Below is a breakdown of the scores and what they mean:

Score: 1.0 - Knowledge at the foundational level with help

Score 2.0 - Demonstrates knowledge at the foundational level

Score 3.0 - Demonstrates knowledge at the targeted proficiency level

Score 4.0 - Demonstrates knowledge beyond the targeted proficiency level

Score 1.5 - Partial knowledge at the foundational level of 2.0

Score 2.5 - Partial knowledge at the targeted proficiency level of 3.0

Score 3.5 - Partial knowledge beyond the targeted proficiency level of 4.0

IP: In Progress

3.0 - If your child receives a 3.0, it means that they were able to show or do the work completely on their own. This means no teacher support was needed and they were able to comprehend and complete the task independently.

2.0 - If your child receives a 2.0, it means they were able to do most of the work on their own with little teacher support. Sometimes children need clarification or need to be shown an example to help make the connection for them. As an early childhood school, many of our skills are at a 2.0 level and is the highest score a student can receive as many of the skills we teach are at a 2.0 foundational level.

1.0 - If your child receives a 1.0, it means they are still learning the material and they need teacher support in order to complete the task. This tells me as the teacher I need to sit one-on-one with your child and re-teach so they are able to grasp the concept.

IP - In Progress, this means your child is currently working on this evidence outcome, but does not have enough evidence for the teacher to score it numerically. It could be that your child has been absent and is missing work.

Again, these scores mainly help the teachers (and you) to see where your child is at with the material being taught each week. Some days, a goal score of 2.0 is the highest score they can receive because it is a foundational skill. Some days, a goal score of 3.0 is the highest score they can receive because it takes that foundational skill to the next level of learning and applying knowledge.

I hope this helps to clarify any questions you may have as you start seeing your child’s papers in their Tuesday folders with scores on them. No need to worry about them, even if a paper says 1.0 on it. Take it as they do not know it YET, but they will get there! We reward students with beads and charms for their class bracelets if they showcase a 3.0 on an evidence outcome in Reading or Math. Our students have been excited about this as we have been discussing it in class. Ask them about those goal scores and see what they can tell you about beads and charms! :)

Below are some frequently asked questions you may have:

Why are progress reports being implemented?

  • To give parents information on what students are learning. It also shows how students are performing on skills and concepts they are learning throughout the year.

Why do some content areas have more Evidence Outcomes than others?

  • The evidence outcomes listed on the progress report represent specific skills that your student has completed an activity or assessment to show their knowledge of, which is why they are called evidence outcomes (your student has a piece of evidence to show what they have learned.

  • Each evidence outcome is defined so there is clarity on what students have learned.

  • The number of evidence outcomes will grow as your student learns more content this year.

I do not see any Evidence Outcomes for Science or Social Studies. Is my student learning science and social studies?

  • The focus at the elementary level is Literacy and Math.

  • Literacy and math instruction are the most important foundational skills for all future learning.

  • Science and Social Studies concepts are implemented in our literacy program.

Can a student receive a 3 or 4 during the first semester?

  • You bet! The scores are indicators of progress toward meeting a level of proficiency and students will demonstrate a range towards proficiency. It is not uncommon for students to have a combination of scores on their reports: some 2s, some 3s, and maybe even 1s or 4s depending on their level of understanding in specific areas.

Intervention News

Welcome back. It’s hard to believe that January is here. A new year is always a great time to start something new. I believe that the new year should include resolving to do something that will make you better. This year why not try incorporating a Family Reading Time to your schedule. The benefits that can come from this simple step include things like:

  • More time with family

  • Tuning out electronics for a short time

  • Increased reading abilities for your children

  • A sense of calmness in your day

It’s easy to do, and requires nothing other than your willingness to give it a try, and your local library. All you need to do is set a specific time and stick to it. You can even start small with one or two days a week. I like to set a timer for 15 minutes. During this time everyone in the house reads. It doesn’t matter what you read, just read. Younger kids will enjoy looking at books, or having you read to them. Older family members may just begin to develop a love of reading. It’s worth a try, and remember it only takes 21 days to set a habit, so Read On this January.

Melissa Bradley

Reading Interventionist


Student Goal Setting Update

At CFL students set individual literacy goals. When they meet their goal they sign their name on a gumball and put it up on our Goalball Machines. In December, students put up a red gumball if they met their goal. We have had many students meet their literacy goals this month.

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ELL News


Welcome to the New Year!

I’m excited to be back with you precious little ones, I have missed them! I hope you had a nice break with them. We are administering the ACCESS test to your students so attendance is vital as it is all the time, regular attendance is critical for learning. You should have received this letter on December 13, 2022 in your Tuesday Folder. I’m just forwarding another copy as a reminder of what to expect.

Dear Parent or Guardian of ……………………………………..,

The English Language Learner (ELL) program at your child’s school offers high quality instruction in English language development as well as support for academic achievement. When a student is learning English as a new language, the primary educational goal is to develop the English language skills needed to access and master academic content. Our school district offers instruction and support to English language learners through ELL programs at each school. These programs use English as the language of instruction.

In order to assess the language development of our students, we will be administering the Colorado English Language Assessment (ACCESS) January 10-Feb 10, 2023 to all students whose registration indicates a home language other than English. Your child’s English proficiency will be evaluated in four skill areas: speaking, reading, writing and listening, as well as in the areas of Social & Instructional Language, Language of Language Arts, Language of Mathematics, Language of Science, and Language of Social Studies.

It is important that on the days of the test your child eats a healthy breakfast and gets plenty of sleep the night before, so that they will be able to do their best. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me (285-5702).

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Melanie Kerrigan, ELL Teacher CFL

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Pre-School News

The preschoolers have been very productive and having a great time in school since the beginning of the year! It’s always nice to arrive at the second half of the school year, as the children by this time are all very familiar with our schedule and routines and are feeling especially comfortable and confident during the course of the preschool days.

We will be beginning our bread study Tuesday, January 4th. Together, children and teachers explore questions such as “How is bread made?” and “Who works with bread?”The teachers provide meaningful learning experiences, individualize instruction, address objectives for development and learning, and successfully engage families in their children’s learning. Student Led Conferences will be February 27th and 28th so please be thinking of what day works best for you. There will be no school on either day.

There will be NO Pre school classes on Friday March 10th. Our PK team will be attending the state preschool conference in Denver to continually improve our educational practices.

Important Reminder:

Please send your child with their winter attire for the cold weather months. Also, please have your child's name on each item. We will go outside whenever conditions allow.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please stop by the office.

Meri Nofzinger~Director of Preschool

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After School Club

Thank you to all the families that came to our Afterschool Program showcase! The kids had a great time and enjoyed showing their families what all they had worked on. We are getting ready for another session that will start January 17th and run through March 14th. They will be on Tuesdays from 4:30 - 5:30 and we will have limited bus transportation available again. Some of the programs we will be offering will be Baking, Spanish, Kindness Rocks, Reading and Writing Club, Lego, Kids Creations, Singing, Science/Sign Language, and card games. Please look for the papers to come home with your child and return them as soon as possible. Some programs fill up quickly so it is a first come, first served basis. Please remember to pick at least 2 choices.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or you can call the school.

What's Happening in PE at CFL

Hello Families,

Happy New Year! Please help your child be safe in PE class by sending a pair of tennis shoes with them everyday to school. This month we will be continuing with bounce and catch as well as progressing into kicking. We will continue to work on our basic locomotor movement skills, beads are given for each skill mastered and a charm is given when they master all 8 movements. I am looking forward to a great month with your kiddo. Thank you for sending your child to school everyday.

-Mr. Cora


Check out the link about support and scheduling appointments at the Resource Center

Become a Substitute Teacher

If you are interested, please check out the flyer below. We would love for you to join out team!