Grade 1 BMS

Biweekly Update

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 2-6pm

122 Linienstraße


Grade 1a Rm. 1.06

Grade 1b Rm. 1.09

Grade 1c Rm. 1.07

Grade 1d Rm. 1.04

Specialist & German Team conferences will be held in the Cafeteria

CCEP Clubs & After School

As our parent - teacher conferences are taking place next week from 14.00 - 18.00 there will be a change to regular after school and clubs.

Please note:

Clubs are cancelled on Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th October

Check out for students on these days will only be at reception.

The CCEP Areas for Grade 1 on these two days will be: Room 1.01 & 1.10

If you would still like to sign up for a parent teacher conference please click on the link below to do so. Please note this link will close on Sunday 11th October at 12.00pm.

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How We Organize Ourselves

Unit of Inquiry Content

- caring

- principled

- respect

- cooperation

- organization

- routines

- school behaviors

- interviewing BMS staff members

- best environment for learning

- friendship

- problem solving

Language Content

- phase 2 letters and sounds introduced: g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r

- blending of CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) example: c-a-t

- writing ones name beginning with a capital letter

- writing about personal experiences, focusing on full stops at the end of a sentence

- speaking and listening - interviewing skills

Math Content

- counting, recognizing and sequencing numbers

- story problems

- decomposing and composing numbers to 10

- subitizing

- shapes

- patterns

- mapping

- sorting

- graphing

German Content

- familarize students with using the "Anlauttabelle" when writing

- letter riddles with using picture clues from the "Anlauttabelle"

- sharing the stories connected to the students' "Fundstücke" (findings)

Ways To Help At Home

- encourage independence

- practice tying shoe laces

- make two or three letter words with the sounds taught so far and practice blending

- revise picture cues and letter sounds on 'desk mat'

- practice writing name with a capital only at the beginning - copy from desk mat

- letter and number formation

- practice counting

Helpful Information and Reminders

- Three ways to read a book:

* Read the pictures

* Read the words

* Retell the story

When reading the pictures, your child can make predictions about the story. Then, if it's possible, a parent or sibling can read the story aloud. Finally, your child can again look at the pictures and retell the story.

- The classroom is open at 8:20 allowing time for the children to start school promptly at 8:30. If your child is late, please say goodbye to them outside the classroom. Please understand and respect that class has begun and encourage your child's independence, just as we are in the classroom.

- Healthy snacks

- Pre-cut treats for birthdays

- Please provide weather appropriate clothing

- Children are required to wear house shoes inside the building