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May 27-29

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Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for all your dedicated school work and enthusiasm for planting trees! Some photos are posted in this newsletter and others will be in the next one.

Today we welcome our new Kindergarten students to explore the outdoors at RC Mac. Thank you to Ms. Ballarin, Ms. Wise, and Ms. Pankratz. Thanks also to our PAC parent committee for attending Welcome to Kindergarten. Your support is appreciated and our parents both new and returning will feel included in RC MacDonald school life simply by meeting you.

The weather report sounds incredible for the next few days. My wish for all of you and all of our staff is to plan some time away from our screens each beautiful day. Enjoy the great outdoors!

Mrs. Roberts

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June Partial Attendance- THANK YOU TEACHERS

We are getting ready for about half the students to attend next week for two days each week in alpha order AL on Monday/Tuesday and MZ on Thursday/Friday. So far the classrooms are ready, cleaning procedures are ready, and parents are firming up their plans.

Next steps- Teachers are figuring out how best to plan for online instruction and in person instruction with the same lessons for ALL students. Thank you Teachers!

This is complex planning work for our teachers and at the very end of the school year.

June is a time when we often celebrate the school year with fun projects, games and school events such as Camp Out, Sports Day and Talent Show. We do not begin engaging in new or plentiful rigorous academic learning for our students. Teachers wrap up their assessments for the year and the reporting period. They do not spend June marking multiple assignments or tasks each day for each student.

I have therefore asked teachers and am now asking parents to please continue learning throughout June but try to consider doing so at a lighter pace.

REMOTE LEARNERS: Teachers will send the Shape of the Week as per usual. Print packages will continue to be put outside on the blue table at parent request. Some online meetings may need to be scheduled for Wednesdays rather than the other days of the week. How teachers are able to manage online with in person will depend on the age of the children, the teacher, and staffing schedules. Consider this: on a regular school day teachers would NOT be able email, phone or video conference with parents during class time.

ON SITE LEARNERS: Teachers will inform parents if there are any school supplies to bring next week for their class as we sent lots home. Definitely plan to pack snacks, lunch and a water bottle. Water bottles can be refilled but the water fountains are closed for June. Teachers will let you know also whether they will cover one day's work (a Monday on a Monday) or multiple days work ( 5 hours of lessons in 2 days and no homework for the rest of the week) while your child is on site. I believe we are now leaning towards the former - a one day at a time approach.

Please send emails with any additional questions to Mrs. Roberts as it's A LOT of changes in one week and I am sure there are details not yet listed on here. I will send more info if needed by the end of the week to all parents. Thank you.

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