Figurative Language



Definition:Expression or group of words whose meaning is completely different from the literal or actual meaning of the individual words

Example:Raining cats and dogs

Meaning of Example:Raining really hard

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It is raining cats and dogs on a boy


Definition:Reference to a person, place, or event from literature,sports,history,movies,or the arts

Example:I'm going to become Sherlock Holmes and find the remote

Meaning of Example:Being an investigator for a little bit to try and find something

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Kid as a detective


Definition:A play on words

Example:Home Sick

Meaning of Example:Miss home, want to go back home

Figurative meaning of example:Your house is sick

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House is sick


Definition:The opposite of what you think would happen

Example:The worm chased the bird

Meaning of Example:The bird is bigger, so you wouldn't expect the bird to be afraid of the worm, and birds eat worms to

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worm has the bird


Definition:Side by side words that opposite in meaning

Example:Literally Fake

Example of Meaning:Literally means actually real, while fake means not real at all

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Bigfoot is fake


It was a Tuesday afternoon, and Riley had his umbrella because it was raining cats and dogs(Idiom). While walking, Riley realized he lost his wallet. Riley became Sherlock Holmes(Allusion) and started looking for it. While searching, Riley noticed a worm chasing a bird(Irony) that was wimpy into a tree.

Riley saw that in the bird's nest, his wallet was in it. Riley saw baby birds in the nest also, and realized they were going to eat his wallet. So Riley climbed the tree and retrieved the wallet from the nest. But, Riley became quickly aware that the hungry birds were chasing him for his wallet.

Riley thought the birds chasing was literally fake(Oxymoron),but,sure enough,they were flying after him. While Riley was running, he noticed a bakery coming up ahead, and he went quickly inside buy a loaf of bread with the cash he had in his wallet. When Riley went outside, he gave the bread to the hungry birds, and they didn't bother him again. After all that, Riley became home sick(Pun), and he want home knowing that he had a good adventure.