Literary techniques

By:Oscar Navarro


A Simile compares unlike things using the 2 words "Like or As in order to be a simile. An example is:Do you ever feel like a plastic bag. A Metaphor one is thing to an unlike thing by saying that one is the other.An example:The homework was a breeze. A Hyperbole is using super exaggeration.An example is:The books weighed a ton.

Alliteration is repeating the same initial constant sound in neighboring words.An example is:President Pickleson play in the pool.

Onomatopoeia is a word that resembles the sound it represents.An example is:The dog barked when the person passed by.

personification is giving human qualities to something the is no living.An example is:The chair yelled "owww" when the person sat on it's face.