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Franklin delano roosevelt gave people hope during hard times. Many people think that he was the greatest presedent in our nation.I also think that too.Mr. Rooosevelt was dillegent man even though he had a disabillity .Franklin D.Roosevelt was a amazing leader.

Early Life

Franklin Deleno Roosevelt was a hard working young man during his early life.He was born in Hyde Park New York 1882.Roosevelt was the only child and he was a part of a very wealty family.At age 13 he went to boarding school.There he realized he wanted to help other people.Then at age 16 Mr.Roosevet had became the head of the schools base ball team.He had became a dillegent young man.


Roosevelt was doing really well until he had a big challenge to go though.He was diegnosed with polio.To him polio means you lost your abillity to walk.Mr.Roosevelt strugled with the polio,so he started to go to warm springs because docters beleved that warm water could help poeple with polio.He loved it so much he built a house there.rRoosevelt gave up his dreams even tough he had polio.


Franklin Delino Roosevelt did so much to help but then came a hard time.In 1929 there was a hard time called the great depresson.During that time people lost there jobs and homes.So Mr.Roosevelt ran for presedent in1932 and won in 1933.Then he started the new deal.The new deal got people back to work.So did the c.c.c.also the w.p.a.Those orgenesations help put people to work.The workers built air ports ,parks,roads,and bulding.The new deal  helped the american people.


In Germany and Italy dictaters had came to power.Great Britan and France went againts them. The started a war.Soon more and more natois joined the war.Then Roosevelt became the presedent for the third time in1940.He told the people of america that he did not want to enter the war.But he thougt that mabe we could enter the war and help.But, on December 7,1941 japan attacked at pearl harbor in hawii.We couldnt stay out of the war.We had to stand up for the american people.


Peple collected scrap metel to make equitment for the war.Meanwhille Mr.Presedent was doing radio chats called fire side chats talking about how we could win the war.but afterwards franklin delino roosevelt passed away right before japan surrederd.Afterwards the world was in  peace.We still rember roosevelt as one of the best presedents ever.


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