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what deer's eat

  • deer eat's plants
  • a deer eat's acorn and nuts
  • a deer eat's fruit
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how fast deer's are

  • deer's can run 48.2 km/h
  • some deer's can jump high
  • some deer can swim well and fast

deer's name

  • a female deer is called a doe
  • a mail deer is called buck
  • a young deer is called fawn
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where do deer's live

  • some deer's live in the forest or in the wood's
  • and some deer's live near a lake
  • and some near a train track's
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how do deer's survive in the winter or in the summer

  • deer's have good eyesight and hear
  • they have soft skin
  • they go some where worm
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baby deers's

  • baby deer's at first they have long legs so they first have to learn how to walk.
  • some baby deer's are big and some are little.
  • some baby deer's don't now what they are doing so a adult deer has to be with the baby deer's to protect it.
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