Visual Analysis

Mophie juice pack air Made for iPhone 5s / 5

Front View

Visual Design Elements present in the front view include point, line, color, shape, form, texture, value and space. Points exist to indicate anywhere on the surface of the case. Lines are present to show the curved edges and that the phone is hollow in the space that occupies the phone and that the phone is placed where charger exists on the bottom. The curved lines also accentuate that the form of phone is a 3D object and outlines the phone's shape. The color of the phone case is of a metallic navy blue and has a shiny value, indicating the texture is smooth.

Side View

The phone has symmetrical balance. The color that borders the phone is a dark gray. You can still see the blue color, creating unity. The gray color is emphasized against the blue background. You can still see the curved lines that form the back of the phone. Curved top and bottom edges contrast with straight edges on the sides.

Top view

The lights at the bottom have a regular rhythm. The interior has the color black and the rest is blue. The two functions adjacent to the lights are proportioned differently. The case doesn't have a ton of differing elements giving it simplicity and therefore economy. There is space to view the camera and LED.

Cherise Johnson & Dylan Mathy