Fearing Love

By: Jessenia Nunez

Discrimination of Fear

The union of same-sex couples has been around since the world came about. In all of history, same gender unity have been recorded to exist. Same-sex marriage has been feared and discriminated for as long as it has existed. The homosexuals have been harassed in various ways by religions and heterosexuals, which include family members, peers, acquaintances, and complete strangers. Same-sex marriage is being oppressed by being denied a legal marriage: But marriage remains an anomalous contract: 'there is no written document, each party gives up its right to self-protection, the terms of the contract cannot be re-negotiated, neither party need understand its terms, it must be between two and only two people, and these two people must be one man and one woman'" (Kymlicka, pg.88).To the government, a legal marriage is between a man and a woman, not two people of the same gender. Thus making it illegal for two same sex people to get married and homosexuals are being restrained the binding of their love. People who are against same-sex marriage try to oppress same gender union because they were not raised with an open mind to the matter: "Finally, some arguments against same-sex marriage rely on judgments that same-sex sexual activity is impermissible." (Brake, 4.3, par. 10). The majority of people grew up with the idea that a family was a man, a women, and children, not two women or two men. Most people are not accustomed to same-sex marriage and this change,from what is a usual opposite gender marriage causes fear and this leads to heterosexuals discriminating homosexuals,in an effort to intimidate them; make them feel inferior; and conform to their view on what society is suppose to be. Homosexuals are harassed verbally, mentally, and physically just because they represent a increasing change in the world, a change that is now unavoidable.

The Struggle To Be Heard

"The Crucible" theme's of fear and discrimination can be applied to the struggle for legality of same-sex marriage.In late 1972, Harvey Milk moved to San Francisco and opened a camera store in a gay community. In his biography, Milk states, "After some area merchants tried to prevent two gay men from opening a store, Milk and a few other business owners founded the Castro Village Association, a first in the nation organizing of predominantly LGBT businesses, with Milk as president. He organized the Castro Street Fair in 1974 to attract more customers to area businesses. Its success made the Castro Village Association an effective power base for gay merchants and a blue print for other LGBT communities in the US." (Milk, par. 6). Similar to Proctor, Milk did not give in to discrimination from others and fought to defend his beliefs and spread his views.In the "Crucible" Miller states, " I have confessed myself! Is there no good penitence but it be public? God does not need my name nailed upon the church! God sees my name; God knows how black my sins are! It is enough!" (Crucible, pg. 1110). Milk was also being harassed like Proctor, Milk, as well as other gays,were physically and verbally opposed and antagonized while trying to get equal rights for homosexuals. Author of "The Crucible", Miller proclaims, "In the book of record that Mr. Paris keeps, I note that you are rarely in the church on Sabbath day." (Crucible, pg. 1061). Both Proctor and Milk live in a society where in Proctor's case, it is custom to attend church every Sabbath day, which he does not do; in Milk's case it is custom to marry the opposite sex. Both Proctor and Milk are very opinionated and express their individual environment and beliefs, even thou their views are attempting to be oppressed by others.A sense of hope never dies out in "The Crucible" and the same-sex legal rights movement. Chaos can worsen paranoia as it did in the crucible were innocent people were hanged, similar to the same-sex legal rights movement because homosexuals are killed due to their sexuality. In "The Crucible" and same-sex legal rights movements bring forth hostility because certain opinions and sexualities are not accepted by the majority. People were being hanged in the crucible and incarcerated, similar to the struggle for obtaining equal rights for gay people because both are discriminated against by being said to be associated with the devil and sinning.


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