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Eddy Alvarez

One of the sports in the 2014 Sochi Olympics is speed skating. Eddy Alvarez is participating in the Olympics which is something he dreamed about for a very long time. The 24 year old 5'9 skater can maneuver quick around the short track . Even after having surgery on both of his knees back in March 2012 he quoted," I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I dream about it. I wake up and it's one of the first things I think about." The quote shows that he wants it bad and that he is willing to work hard to achieve his goal to compete in the Sochi Olympics in Russia in February. You would never think someone who was born in a hot place like Miami would end up on ice. The way he found out about speed skating is, he was skating around on 3 wheel skates and two ladies told him he should give inline speed skating a try. He took it into consideration and changed it from land to ice.


Eddy The Jet

Little Eddie

This video shows how talented Eddy was when he was a little kid. At first it shows inline skating and how he would pass people way older than him. Then it shows him on ice and practicing speed skating.
Working Out With an Olympic Speedskater

Training with Eddy

In this short video it shows some workouts Eddy does to help him improve on strength, technique, and little muscles he uses while speed skating. As you can see speed skating involves the knees and its a miracle how he is still skating after having surgery on his knees.
Athlete Spotlight: Short Track Speedskater Eddy Alvarez

Interview Video

This is about Eddy answering a few questions and sharing some interesting things with us.


Interview about Eddy and how he had a minor setback for a major comeback. This article is about him answering some questions about his injury and what he did during his time off. It shows how bad he wants to compete in the Olympics and it helps you sort of understand the type of person he is. Very interesting article, hope you enjoy!

This article is about someone asking Eddy many different questions from his daily life to his injury and how he trains to keep getting stronger. There are a lot of interesting questions that may help you learn more stuff that is not in this article.

Rules of the game

Some basic rules of Speed Skating.

- Start lines may move depending on the length of the race.

-There are cones that you may see in the video which just mark where you have to skate at. If you go in the cones accidental there will be no penalty.

-Skaters must have numbers on both sides of their helmet.

-Tie skates and all bolts must be tied and you cannot remove equipment until off the ice.

- If there is a false start you have to start again. If you have two false starts you will be disqualified.

-If a skater falls on their own and does not hit a skater the race will go on. If he does hit someone then the ref decides if he should call it back.

-The ref has a lot of say so in this competition.

Things you don't know about speed skating

This video gives some detail on peoples personal questions that they want to be answered. It helps you understand that the sport is not easy . It also shows thoughts from people like Eddy about some things that are not easy.
Sochi Olympics 2014 | Things You Don't Know About Short-Track Speedskating | The New York Times


The video helps people learn more about speed skating and states facts about the sport.
Sochi Olympics 2014 | Short Track Speedskating: 'Nascar on Ice' | The New York Times

500M Short Track

This is just an example of what short track speed skating is like. It is very hard and very quick. This also shows Eddy Alvarez's favorite speed skating moment.
Apolo Ohno wins the speed skating 500m short track

Bad Crash!

This can happy to any racer at any time. It does not matter who you are. You can be seriously injured if you do not have the proper gear or training. Speed skating is a very hard sport and only a few excel in it.
Bad crash in womens speed skating - from Universal Sports

Eddy Alvarez Sochi Olympics

The U.S. team has not won any medals during the Olympics yet. Eddy has been disqualified as I stated earlier in the article and he has also crashed in two other races. Eddy and other skaters have not performed to the best of their ability so far. Stay tuned for other upcoming events that Eddy will participate in.

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