Concentration Camp Life

Why were the Jews so different after they got out?

Based on the novel "Night"

Why did the camp change a person, a family, and even relationships

When Jews were in the camps they saw things that were horrible and that nobody should ever see. Most wanted to just give up in life because it was so miserable. But just seeing the sight of people coming out of the gas chambers were horrible, and seeing people get beat.

What were 3 themes in the Novel "Night"?

One theme throughout the Novel was family. Family was a big part of this novel especially for Ellie because when he was in the camps he stayed alive. Ellie thrived on this because he knew that if he died then he would not be there for his dad. Another theme is Religion, even though Ellie started to get angry with God he still believed in him. And many times there were Jews saying were is God now? Now the final theme I saw in this novel was violence. There was many violence that Ellie saw and it started to get the best of him and it was very bad when they would hang people, or beat them, Ellie especially hated it when his father got beat.

Pictures of People in Concentration Camps

What did this Novel Reveal in me?

I think this novel was a great book but very dark and very bad. People died trying to get food and even though I would be hungry I still don't think I would even try to fight to get food. I would fight to stay alive but not fight people.