Friends Help

Ella Boren 6-7

Analisis of the Development of Theme

In Freak the Mighty the characters Kevin and Max create the theme. In the novel Kevin is stated as a smart, little boy that has a bad sickness. The sickness was called Morquio Syndrome. That means his insides are growing, but the outside has stopped.

Max is a very tall boy, who thinks he isnt smart. Max always brings himself down. Max is very lonely; he lives in the basement of his grandparents house, and it is a sad and dark place. These characters demonstarate the theme because when they become friends, Freak helps Max by lifting his spirits up. Thus, friends can help you throught any tragedy.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with this theme Friends can help you through hard times. The author did develop the theme well. Because he described how lonely and sad Max was until he met Kevin.

This theme is relevant to our generation because iv'e seen lots of people fall. But, most people get picked up by thier friends when they are down. When they are happy it helps others to learn it's ok when it's been a bad day or week.

Summary of the Text

Durring the firework show Freak is trying to see the fireworks. He's jumping around everywhere. Then Max finally decides to pick him up and put him onto his sholders. Freak starts shouting and he's very happy.