The daintree rainforest interview

by kristie

a meeting with john cooper

Today for my interview i am going to interview john cooper. John cooper is a rainforest explorer that recently came back from the daintree rainforest. He is joining me today to answer some questions.

what types of wild life did you see there

I saw the praying mantis, the green ant mimicking spider, the lichen spider, the spectacled flying fox, boyd's rainforest dragon, peppermint stick insect, green tree frog, southern cassowary, giant cockroach, Hercules moth, and the Ulysses butterfly. There are much more but I like the Ulysses butterfly the best because of its beautiful colour.

what do you like most about exploring the rainforests

well I like seeing new things and learn about new animals. another thing I like about exploring the rainforests is that get to meet tribes and learn about their tradition and how they make a living in the rainforests

did you have fun and how

yes I definitely had fun because I got to see rare animals In the rainforests and be close to them and even sometimes I get to see them in action. when I say action I mean I get to see them fight to get their food.

did you discover a new species

unfortunately no I didn't find a new species but I did take a photo of a green tree frog, a peppermint stick insect, the and a Hercules moth. the pictures are bellow.

what equipment do you need for exploring the daintree rainforest

well to explore the Daintree rainforest you will need a jacket, water, food, fire, walking stick, a knife, and there is much more that is needed.