The Lightning War

Where Was It Used?

The Blitzkrieg tactic was used in France and Poland. The Germans also used it when they attacked Belgium and the Netherlands.

When Was It Used?

The Blitzkrieg tactic was used between May 10th and June 21st, 1940 during World War Two.

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What Was The Blitzkrieg?

A military technique introduced by the Germans and it was a tactic based on speed, surprise and coordination. Blitzkrieg modified the tactics used in WW1 and utilized more technological methods. This tactic was used to overwhelm the enemy by using a military force based around light tank units supported by planes and infantry. The tactic started by quickly sending in dive bombers to destroy defenses and fortifications and then sending in tanks and infantry to eliminate the rest of the enemies while preventing them from preparing and recovering from damages. The tactic was extremely effective during WW2 as it was able to break Maginot line that was supposedly unbreakable in WW1, it was also able to quickly defeat other countries such as Belgium. The tactic managed to prevent the German army from taking heavy losses during battles. The tactic caught the allies off guard.

Why Was This Tactic Significant?

The tactic was very significant in WW2 because it was able to help the Germans quickly defeat their enemies while taking minimal losses themselves. The Blitzkrieg was the reason why Germany was able to quickly conquer France, as they were unprepared.

Who Was Involved?

-Alfred Von Schlieffen created the basis of the Blitzkrieg tactic used in WW2.

-Helmuth Von Moltke, Schlieffen’s successor, trained the German Army to use the Blitzkrieg effectively.

-Adolf Hitler used the Blitzkrieg tactic in many of his offensives and it proved to be effective and successful.

Blitzkrieg Tactic